Devices disappear when MacMini sleeps

I’m also seeing this on a MacMini Core. Strange thing is when the MacMini is either sleeping or the screen saver kicks in I lose connected audio devices. The second I “wake up” the MM Core all the audio devices show up. This never happened with 1.7

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I do think this is a bug as it never happened before.
I verified by changing my Energy savings/Computer sleep: on my Mac mini to 1 minute. As soon as it “went to sleep” I lost all audio devices. The “Wake for network access” is checked.

Hello @Mark_Allen ,

The Roon Core has to be powered on and active to discover your audio devices. How do you have your screensaver settings configured, is it also turning off read/write to the hard drive?

I totally understand that, however I never had this happen before 1.8. My Mac-mini Energy settings haven’t changed. I have both the “Computer sleep” and “Display sleep” set for 15 minutes. I’m going to disable this for now. I’m running macOS Catalina for now but I’m about to upgrade.

I really do think this is a bug. Previously with 1.7 when my Mac mini went to sleep and the “Wake for network access” is checked, I still could use Roon. Now if my MM(Roon core) goes to sleep based off my Energy Saver settings I get the dreaded “No audio devices/Manage audio devices”

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I have the same experience after upgrading to 1.8. I’m also wondering if this is a bug.

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Same here. I’ve only noticed this over this last couple of weeks. My mac mini core is 1.8 build 795.

I believe this is resolved

May I ask how you resolved this?

I made sure that my Mac only sleeps after 15 mins or so

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