Devolo Latest Wi-Fi 6 power lines and Meridian End Points

Hi all,

So I am a Powerline fan - I use the Devolo AC1200 powerlines through the house and they’re “OK” - they do ok with really bad wiring in Kenya so not bad for what you get. Roon and M kit work fine (818 / 861 / MS200, and Explorer endpoints).

So far so good - I then upgraded to their Magic 2 powerlines a couple of years back which greatly improved the throughput transmission through the house BUT Roon (or M so not sure) could find ANY Meridian endpoints.

All other endpoints (Apple TV, iMac, etc) were visible and worked fine - but anything M didn’t. My techie mate said maybe something to do with the old networking way M talks to each other, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work.

Anyway now there seems to be a hybrid Magic 2 powerline / Wi-Fi 6 Mesh network set, and they look like they may solve all issues, BUT as in Kenya, it’s an expensive purchase if it doesn’t work!!

Has anyone used these new ones with M kit and Roon and if so does it all work OK??

Thanks, guys


Are Powerline devices still simplex? I found that two (as a point-to-point network bridge) worked okay in my house, but the moment I added a 3rd, I had poor results. I’ve since wired as much as possible in the house.

actually don’t know - good question - the newer ones were super fast (Magic) but somehow didn’t play nicely with M - all have same speeds between rooms if 2 units or the 4 I have connected now so doesn’t seem to be difference with more connected.

I have been using the devolo GigaGate Starter Kit system for years. From my router to the windows 11 pc with Roon Core. Smoothly! Download 600mb, upload 50MB. It is no longer in production but is still available on Amazon. Or here: devolo GigaGate - de hoogwaardige WiFi-bridge | devolo AG (in Dutch)

Yup the old versions work fine. As I said I have the dlan 1200 ac working well.

I was wondering if the magic 2 WiFi 6 would improve my overall mesh performance.

Seems my existing magic 2 are mesh and WiFi 5 already and they don’t seem to work with Roon and meridian so I guess WiFi 6 version of the same thing won’t work either.

No help in your situation but I have magic 2’s, four of them and they have been perfect with wifi and ethernet to nad and chord.

Yeah. They ran like the clappers (Technical term) but something about old meridian / sooloos tech lnology seems to not play well with magic :frowning:

I had the same issue with the Magic Devolo units getting a connection to my 861-ID41 card. Have not tried the new ones.

As another potential solution I use a Draytek Mesh wifi system through my home - 1gb Virgin Media broadband to Draytek 2927ac and 4 Draytek AP903 access points. Technically Wifi 5 and not 6. But I found the constraint in my older Draytek router was the speed of the firewall. Virgin upgraded me to 1gb service with a min of 700mbs which I have speed tested. With 2927ac model I get that across ethernet and slightly slower across wifi tests. Think their 2927ax version is Wifi 6 but does not have Mesh.

One AP903 dedicated to ID41 connection and wifi connected with 1 hop via another specified AP903. I upgraded the antennas to the higher gain version but not sure that was necessary but works throughout our 3 storey house and part of the garden. With lots of music playing over the holidays, ID41 card is recognised by Roon, so far so good…



lucky you -here we have concrete walls so thick very little gets through - hence Powerline PLUS Mesh Wifi would to quite well. Just flipping old skool Meridian not playing nicely!

Looking at Netgreat Obi mesh Wi-Fi instead with dedicated backhaul - some wired and some wireless. Not sure the £1500 Orbi Quad band crazy Wi-Fi 6E is worth it but the £950 Orbi 853 may do the job - but something like this seems better than didgy wiring and relying in Powerline in the mix.

FYI my current Magic powerline (2.4gbps over wiring) gets around 80-100mbps down the wires…