DFF File Problem

After installing the latest version of ROON which supports DFF files, I had two new albums in my library overview, both of which are DFF albums. However, only some of the songs from each album appear in ROON, each album is missing a few tracks. Anyone else experiencing this same problem?

None this side. File permissions ok?

Yes, permissions all good. It is very strange that it ignores some files I have to say. They were all created at the same time from the same source etc.

Let’s drop flags for @mike and @vova, they may want to see the media.

All my .dff files have been recognized now.
Very nice!

Could be something odd with these files e.g. Corrupt.

The guys will need some samples to check.

I am experiencing the same issue too Steve.

In two cases I have a whole album missing (Dire Straits - Communique and Dire Straits - Making Movies). In other cases I have random missing tracks within an album (Boston self titled is missing tracks 1, 2, 5 and 7, for example). In the final scenario I have encountered I have all tracks showing in the ROON database, but they are split across three identical album names (Ryan Adams’ Gold album with tracks 3, 4, 5, 7 and 13 grouped together, tracks 1, 6 and 15 grouped in a second identical album and tracks 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16 grouped in the final identical album).

I don’t believe that any of the tracks are corrupt as they play perfectly with two other Mac audio players (Audirvana + and PONO (JRiver)).

I would love to rectify this issue and thank the ROON team and community in advance for their assistance. If I can upload sample files I am happy to do so.



You can merge split albums like Gold by selecting all three in album view (right click or long press), and selecting merge albums from the Edit menu.

Many thanks Andy - merging of the albums worked perfectly.

I have also managed to bring in the both the missing albums and the missing tracks so overall a productive evening of database management on ROON. I edited the .dff file metadata using Yate and that seemed to at least allow ROON to import the files. From there I then merged albums as necessary.

Thanks again - I really appreciate your very prompt help.



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I’ve added 20 DFF based albums since DFF support was introduced and just checked now to be sure…one album has indeed been missed. :flushed:

Can you see anything that might cause that?
E.g. Odd character file or folder name ?

Hey Mark how did you get the tracks that were not showing to finally show in ROON? I have opened all tracks in YATE and they are all tagged the same, I see nothing to correct to fix the issue?

OK got it sorted…even though every single track had the same basic tag information, such as track title, artist and album title etc, it took the adding of much more meta tags, such as album artist etc, for ROON to add the extra tracks.

It still makes no sense, but at least I have all tracks in now!

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Steve_Lees, Could you explain in detail what you did to get your DFF files back into ROON Library. I do experience the same issue (miss random DFF files) ?

Benjamin, all I did was open all the tracks of the album in a tag editor, updated some of the information and saved the files. Then Ron saw all tracks.

It’s worth bearing in mind that DFF files are akin to WAV files in that they cannot carry Metadata natively within the file itself

Whereas DSF files are akin to AIFF / FLAC, in that they are able to carry Embedded Metadata…which IMHO make DSF files more “future proof” in that the data can be more easily read by present and future players

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If I’m not mistaken it’s the other way around.

Don’t believe so…see below and many other references also


“DSD Storage Facility (DSF) files are far better suited to music library management because they allow the inclusion of metadata. This embedded metadata includes the names of the audio contained, information about the release the audio is part of, and other data such as album artwork. Hence, a DSF file could be transferred to different music players and retain the same metadata.”

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Thx, for some reason I had it in my head that it was the other way around. :confounded:

I solved the issue by converting DFF files to DSF format. I believe It was indeed an issue with the format since roon recognized the album directly after conversion.
If you want to convert DFF to DSF, I would recommend the excellent software by the creators of Yates (good one as well) : dff2dsf https://2manyrobots.com/plaster/

Hope it helps.