DietPi on NUC - DAC through HDMI & DAC through USB?

Hi community!

I just wanted to know, if I can use ‚2 different DACs’ with DietPi installed on an Intel NUC.

  1. I want to connect my Oppo 205 through USB to get the ability to play MQA through Tidal.

  2. And I also want to connect the Oppo 205 through HDMI to play multichannel files.

In the DietPi WebGUI as I know it from the Allo USBridge, I can choose which DAC to use. So I wonder if I can use 2 DACs through Roon with DietPi - one through HDMI and one through USB.

Can anyone help me here? :slight_smile:



Yes you should be able to.

have you tried ROCK I think this should work too.

ROCK will definitely work. I’m using it for feeding multichannel audio via HDMI to my Denon receiver.

thank you for your answers!
ROCK wont work because I only have an DN2820 NUC, which is not supported I think.
I am on vacation now for two weeks and I tried DietPi shortly before leaving: after selecting ‚Install on SDA‘ or something, I got a WiFi Kernel error :frowning: dont know the exact failure message at the moment.

Greetings from sunny Italy! :sunglasses:

Not supported doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It may well work just fine, but if you have issues they then your help may be limited to that offered by the community.

hmmm, ok then I may try it after my vacation :wink:

I’m running rock on an intel D510MO motherboard runs fine as an endpoint.