Differences between Roon and Roon Server?

Could not get Roon Server to work on my Mac mini. Reloaded the regular Roon, and all is fine.

My Mac Mini is ONLY used for Music and is part of my sound system. I also have another Mac mini, and iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad.

It would good to know the advantages of either so I can make an informed decision whether or not to pursue Roon Server.


Essentially they are the same with 2 differences.

  1. RoonServer has no Graphical User Interface. To configure the server you need to run Roon on the same box or a different computer and link into the server.

  2. RoonServer will auto start on reboot. Roon will not and you have to start it and leave it open.

I would want RoonServer on a machine which you do not access, so in the event of a power outtage, for example, you would not have to log into the computer to start Roon up as RoonServer would auto start on boot.

Well then, I do not see the benefit for me. I mostly use my iPad to control Roon, but every now & then I actually use the GUI on my Monitor screen to adjust, control, rip, on to my Mac mini.

I still do not see a benefit??? Maybe that would be with a Roon Streamer box? With my other Mac products can all have remote control over that same Roon…so again I fail to see the advantages…

Thanks anyway…That’s probably why I never saw Roon Server “come up” on my screen…how would I even know it’s working?

You should have been able to see it under the ‘force quit’ menu or from a terminal window using ‘ps -ef |grep -i roon’ without the quotes.

If you used Roon on client mode than you will never see it prompt you to connect to a server hence why you never saw it come up on your screen.

The benefit of using a Roon Server is to centralized your service to one host and host your music from one place without the need of interacting with your host as explained previously… Set it and forget it… “Some what” :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to re-setup your clients to connect to your new server and from the client you can configure you server.


I wish that was explained to me from the get-go. I kept looking for something on my Screen that would show me Roon Server. It never did of course, so that’s why it never worked. So then my only “screen” would be my iPad?

Still trying to figure out how to get the very best sound quality from my Digital files. I still cannot see the benefit of a Streamer ?? I love how my Mac mini works…but every now and then there’s a gap in the music…I figure it’s the processor doing something other than playing music. My Mac mini is pretty powerful…i7 2.6GHz Quad Core, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD & 1TB HDD for back up.

Is there somewhere I can learn how to make the MAC activity restricted to just music playback?

Currently send my digital files to a Schiit Yggdrasil DAC before sending them on to be amplified…


Do you have Exclusive Mode enabled?


Thanks Henry! Never heard of it!

How in the hell do you do that?

Thanks Much!


I am not a Mac user but it has come up before. You need to go into the output settings as per this posting I think.

[quote=“Larry_Megugorac, post:6, topic:23660”]

I wish that was explained to me from the get-go. I kept looking for something on my Screen that would show me Roon Server. It never did of course, so that’s why it never worked. So then my only “screen” would be my iPad?[/quote]

Well it did worked but you just didnt know how :slight_smile:
Yes your iPad or anything with roon will now become your client to manage/configure your server.
Its also an endpoint to stream music.


You are in the right path.
Setup Roon Server again and use one client as your test point to re-run the setup and connect to your new server.
Running you Mac Mini headless is the best way to eliminate over head processes…
This could potentially fix your “gap” Though this “gap” can mean so many things and or issues…

in Mac OS this will show you Roon Server is running:



Thanks so much! I really appreciate that. I am going to give Roon Server another try and set it up and run from my iPad? Right?

I really appreciate your help!


launch Roon Server on your Mac mini then on your iPad go to Setting/General and select the Core (Roon Server) running on the mini

the iPad will then become the UI to Roon
you can do the same on any other Mac/iPhone you wish to use as remote

This! :smile:

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Sorry to be such a NOOB here but…By Launch you mean click on the Roon Icon like you show (that should show up when Install Roon Server?) in your post above?

once you see Roon’s icon in you Mac’s menubar it is running

if not… launch it by going to your Applications folder (or Launchpad) and double-clicking “RoonServer.app” (as you would do to to launch any other application)

once more: the small icon in the menubar is all you will ever see :wink:

Thanks much Paolo!!! I’ll get there!

Appreciate your help!:grin:

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oh, and… once Roon’s icon shows in the menubar, click on it (a drop-down menu will show) and select “Launch on Startup?” so from now on it will auto-launch at boot

Hi Larry,

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the Roon User Guide.

Lots of information there.

Cheers, Greg