Different colour for different zone

I often start playing music in wrong zone when I forget to change to the room where I am. This is annoying to me and it makes the family a bit upset when they get woken up by Peter Brötzmann and group playing Machine Gun in the middle of their sleep, I listen a lot at night when rest of family sleeps. Or rather tries to sleep.
Anyway, I think it would be great if you could have different background colour or other visual indicator for each zone in the ROON app. This would make it much easier to know that you are playing in correct zone.
What do you think about that idea.


I’ve never woken anyone up - no audio in any bedroom - but sometimes find myself doing multiple checks to be sure I’ve got the ‘right’ zone. I’d like some colour-coding…

:+1:+1 Great idea

Or maybe time protected zones?

Ie where you cant start playback in those zones during certain hour without going through a double confirmation first?

@moderators - move to feature requests?


Moved. Good idea, I nearly blasted Pretty Vacant in the middle of the night.


Very nice idea. +1

But, a splash of color is a good idea. What a festive idea.

I manage to play to the wrong zone so many times. Good idea.

Yes, good idea and should be fairly simple to implement.

I used to like the sex pistols back in the day, but these days I think if woken up to that, I would be looking for a shotgun :slight_smile:

I’d had a very tough day with bad news mixed in and it takes me back to my angry seventeen year old self to vibe along.

Changing the color of the Zone (or giving the option to choose?) would disrupt Roon’s carefully selected choices of UI grey’s (and of course white). For me, the icon is sufficient…

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Great idea, but zone colours? Is there another way?

I guess the use case is a better way to identify which zone you have in focus and roon can be creative :slight_smile:

Perhaps the icon could be a colour image?

Or colour spots:

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 22.18.01

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Yes that would be nice.

I like what Sonos does here: when music has not been played for a while, after starting a play action, a little popup is shown for confirming or selecting the correct zone or group (current is default):

(This can be toggled off in settings for those who like the play action to the currently selected zone to be uninterrupted).


Not a bad idea, old chap. Jolly good of you to mention it - let’s hope those nice chaps at Roon are listening; it would certainly be a useful addition to the old Roon app. :face_with_monocle:

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A pop-up would be nice.
Because even though I see the different name and icon of the zone, I always forget to look at it and press Play before realising it’s the wrong zone.