Different MQA defaults on Chromecast Audio & Chromecast with Google TV

I’ve hunted around the forum but am still confused about about setting up endpoints for MQA, particularly the difference between “Renderer Only” and “No MQA Support”.

The default setting on my Chromecast Audio (CCA) is “Renderer Only” but on my Chromecast with Google TV the default is “No MQA”. Is this right? Does “Renderer Only” damage sound quality if the endpoint DAC doesn’t support that function? My CCA is connected via optical to a Peachtree Nova integrated amp, which I believe has no MQA capability.

I’m pretty skeptical about ultra-high sampling rates doing anything to increase sound quality. I’m less skeptical about 24 bit. If so, should I select “No MQA Support” for endpoints while Roon Core decodes?

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Hi @Kman_CT, you should set both to “No MQA Support” as Chromecast devices of all types are neither MQA decoders nor MQA renderers.

UNLESS you have an MQA renderer attached via the CCA’s optical output.

In fact, I think this is why the default may be “Renderer Only”. It ensures that the MQA decode is performed (by Roon) and allows for the possibility of a downstream renderer which Roon cannot detect.

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I took care of that for you, @Kman_CT.

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