Different subnets for Roon Control and playback on QNAP

Currently my setup is like this
QNAP TS-879U-RP as Roon core with 4 network interfaces.
1 interface is being used for user data and also Roon Control and audio streaming to 2 RPI’s (1 Wifi, one cabled)
Works fine, but that interface is sometimes heavy loaded and giving some issues with audio playback.

My idea is to create a dedicated network for audiostreaming on 1 of the 3 “spare” Ethernet interfaces of the QNAP.
Control will remain on the first Ethernet interface as all my devices are using that network for data access and ofcourse Roon Control :slight_smile:
In the Settings => Setup interface of Roon I noticed that I could select the desired interface for Linn streaming which gave me the idea that it might work.

@support, can this concept work, control Rooncore from one interface while playback over another?



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