Different subnets with Roon core vs. Roon clients

Description Of Issue
Here’s my scenario, my Roon core is on ethernet with a address range. All my wireless devices are on a Google Mesh WiFi system which defaults to a address range.

I have had to add an old WiFi access point on the network so my clients can connect because I can’t find a way on any client to manually enter the Roon core address.

Is this possible?

Everything needs to be on the same contiguous address space. Some people have gotten different subnets to work but that is through networking not through anything in roon.
If you look in or post to the Tinkering category on the forum you can get some help.

As Ged said, different subnets are not officially supported by Roon so your on your own to work it out. It can work if you have the right network gear and you know what your doing.

Hi @Tony_nelson,

As the other users have mentioned, we do not officially support multiple subnets, but some users have gotten them to work if through advanced network configurations.

My suggestion here would be to add an un-managed switch from the Google Mesh Ethernet output and connect your Core to that instead of the current 192.1.1.X connection.

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