Difficulty in keeping core on iMac to be able to remote via iPhone

Roon Core Machine

3 year old iMac 27”.
iPhone 12 remote.

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Description of Issue

Everytime I go to use my remote I am required to enter my password into my iMac to wake it up.

Is there a way I can keep my iMac awake 24/7 without risking its security so that I can remote without having to enter my password on my iMac?

Prior to iMac I used my MacBookPro 16 for the core and did not have this issue. Any help on setup or settings appreciated.

the problem can be fixed when you make some changes in the IOS, first it will be easier to get some information about your IOS so that I can help you.

@Joseph_Brodecki, welcome to the Community. Fellow user here and I have a similar vintage MacBrook Pro, running MacOS 13.2.1. Have you looked at your Lock Screen settings in your Mac’s settings? There is a setting to disable the password requirement when the screensaver activates under the setting “Required passwoerd after screen saver begins or display is turned off”

Thanks so much Michael. I have an IMAC Retina 5K, 27” 2019, 3.7GH& core Intel i5 and running MacOS Ventura 13.2.1. I appreciate you responding,

Robert, thanks so much to both you and Michael for responding. I am at my wit’s end. I had originally used my Mac Book Pro but need to move it away so switched to my IMAC. I had no problems with my Mac Book Pro. But have since I put core on IMAC. How should I do the settings for:
Start screensaver after inactive__________
Turn Display off after inactive__________
Require password after screensaver or display is turned off________
I’m not certain how much time to set for each and not hurt the computer or threaten security.
Really appreciate you and Michael and any other advice I am given. Thanks so much.

Joseph, I’m using Monterey on my Roon core (old Mac mini of 2014) but have also Ventura on my I Mac. First: do not activate automatically sleep mode when display is switched off- you will find this in “displays” and options.2nd: in the user & groups menu activate automatically user login- that is not possible when you use FileVault- (you have to deactivate FileFault)
3rd: Lock Screen “Require password after screen saver begins or display is turned off” set to Never!
Hope it will succeed now.
Greets from Vienna

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Thanks Michael. I will change my settings. Question, similarly to you using an old mac book pro, might it make sense for me to use an old mac or perhaps, a cheap Chrome or Lenovo.?I would use one of these for my Roon core only. Might that make sense. Would I have any security concerns? Thanks so much again,

Hello Joseph, you can use almost everything from the apple universe, hardware should be 2014 or later so that you can use Roon 2.0 but also a windows computer ist possible- I prefer apple- good idea is to buy a Mac mini of 2014, 16GB would be fine and a small SSD of 250GB. The small Mac mini fits nearly everywhere. When the firewall is activated there are no security concerns from my point of view
Greets from Vienna

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Thanks so much Michael. Are you in Vienna, Austria?

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