Digital files not showing up in Roon

I’ve got Roon v 1.2 running on an iMac (OS X 10.14.4) with an OWG 2 Tb external hard drive. I have my digital files watched dynamically by Roon but it is no longer picking up most digital files. For example, I have at least 30 Bill Evans albums (24/192 down to 16/44.1) and when I ask Roon to list albums, Roon lists FOUR, three of which are Tidal. I “Forced Rescan” but this does not change the situation. I am certain that when I first set up Roon, these albums were there but now…

Aside from checking to insure that the various digital music folders are set up to be monitored and an attempt at forced rescanning, I have no idea how to proceed. Please advise.

Hey @mnilangive this a read and let me know if it helps. We can take a deeper look if you’re still stuck.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks for the rely. I rebooted everything and did a re-scan and many files came back. I have no idea why/how stuff disappeared but many appear to be back again. I am concerned (for example) that my Hi-Res folder on the hard drive says there are 917 files but Roon is only able to “see” 748 but I don’t have time to check out each title to see if they “qualify” for Roon. I have some free time coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ll take a closer look then.
Mike Nilan