Digital volume control somewhere in Roon?

hello my english is bad but i try to explain.
I have a Cambridge azur 851N
I´m taking the digital sigmnal from the dac bye aes to studio monitors and having a problem with the volume control .
If iI use the computer i just use volume control on it ind the same for ex qubuz that have a cotrol in exlusive conection to the dac.

Roon only have the possibility to use the volume control in the dac the same that I bypas to get a digital signal bye aes to mye adam s3v monitors whit dsp and onbord dac giving better quality.

I like roon and the app for controling it on android but i have to tune in the db on the speakers manualy and just want to ask if there is a setting ore something to control the digital volume before the dac in roon??? Andreas

You may use Roon’s DSP volume, to be configured via device setup.

now i finded spaker setup and type type the db i want to left and right but is it possible to control with the app ore more easy but its much better than toggeling on the speakers with it´s dsp panel. Andreas

Hi how to do that. only way i tested was to adjust the eq down from 22000hz to 0 and coud adjust the volume that way. Andrteas

i dont have dsp volume as a option

Okay, new to me, but you’ve got device volume, which you should be able to use for your task.

does the extra conversion efeckt the quality in any way?

Device volume likely applies only to the Cambridge analog output, not the digital output.

As an alternative solution in Roon, turn on Volume Leveling and/or use DSP to apply Headroom management.


in short: no

Aah, ooh, uuh - sure, well then…

now i finded it but there is no dsp volume choise if i have the dac in roon ready mode. that would I like to have someday. cause outherwise it´s the same as to have usb audio from the computer. thanks for the replies and the understanding from bad spelling. Andreas

it´s not working not using the dac in the cambridge just the digital signal in the right khz and bitrate. it´s only wen i have roon ready conection to cambridge if I use the asio i have dsp adjustment. thanks now I have a remotecontrol :slight_smile: but I prefer to use roon ready besides asio