Dirac/Roon incompatibility

I have isolated the issue and would be grateful to know if anyone can recreate.
Basically if I have a playlist containing 24 & 16 bit music the issue occurs, 24 bit album plays perfectly, followed by 16 bit which appears fine as well, the next track that is 24bit then suffers from the static/crackling issue, the higher the resolution the worse the static, I have heard the static on 16 bit but it’s not that noticeable.
I can only resolve the issue by quitting Dirac and then relaunching Dirac.
Roon core on a 2014 Mac mini , 10.10.4 , music on My Book Thunderbolt Duo, connected via thunderbolt cable.
I can recreate this issue at will, please help Dirac & Roon play nicely together.

Thanks for the report @Dannythered – we’re going to try and reproduce this, and will follow up when we have some results. Stand by.

I have not tried Dirac on Yosemite OS for at least a month, but prior to that I had all sorts of issues with Dirac (standalone, not involving Roon) on Yosemite OS, bad noise distortion. Unless their position has changed recently, Dirac did not officially sanction their software on Yosemite. They directedd me to some patches to see if that would improve the situation. They said Yosemite OS was the culprit.

On my MacMini I use Maverick v10.9.5 and have no issues with Dirac or Roon separately or in combination.

Did you manage to reproduce the issue? I’m still having the issue when playlists contain 16 & 24 bit tracks, never arises if the playlist is just 16 or 24 bit. Dirac website shows Official System compatibility • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Mac Yosemite OS. http://www.dirac.se/en/consumer-products/dirac-rcs/system-requirements-technical-specifications.aspx