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I have recently bought a Roon subscription but am having some frustration. There are two Dire Straits albums “Making Movies” and “Brothers in Arms” that won’t play - there seems to be some sort of restriction? This is really strange as both albums have been available in South Africa for 30 years have been available on Apple Music for years and I’ve been streaming for a long time from Apple Music in South Africa.

Now for some reason these two albums will not play in this country through Roon. There must be an error somewhere - possibly Roon but more likely Tidal? Can you assist to get these two albums unblocked for South Africa?

This sort of lack of access to music that should be readily available (I’m sure I’ll find others) is the exact reason I would cancel my Tidal and Roon subscriptions .

Can you help please?

I think you mean that Tidal doesn’t have these albums available in SA? Have you used the Tidal app to confirm?
If so , then this is nothing to do with roon but most likely a licensing issue for Tidal in SA. Albums disappearing and reappearing is a normal thing for all the streaming services, unfortunately.
Get in contact with Tidal and ask the situation.

Well I bought these albums and have all the songs in my music library - why does Roon not play these songs? It seems Roon specifically tries to find a copy of the song on Tidal? Why? Why does Roon not simply add the song from my library into my playlists and play those songs?

Alternatively I have an Apple Music subscription as well - why does Roon not allow me to select the Apple Music copy of the music, add that to a playlist, and stream that? Don’t bother to respond to this particular question as its rhetorical - Im pretty sure this is because Apple wont allow Roon to do this…

You say I must contact Tidal but I’m trying to use Roon. It is Roon that somehow seems to be inextricably linked with Tidal and will not play my music unless Tidal has it.

Not to worry I may simply have to cancel my subscription to both services as there are fundamental flaws in both. Pity but it seems pointless to use a high quality audio streaming solution if music I want or already have cannot be played.

Alun Marchant

My apologies your post read to me that you were trying to stream them from Tidal.
So you have the two albums in files. Can you see the albums in your room library?

I can see the albums partially - that is only 4 or 5 songs on an album of a dozen songs will show in roon

One reason, and this is guess, could be Apple DRM. If these files are old enough and were purchased when Apple was using DRM then they will only play in an iTunes environment. If that is the case, I believe you can re-download them without DRM from Apple.

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Good point.
So, did you rip these from a CD or are they downloads?
You know your music and equipment but we don’t so need to ask some questions to start helping.

This is Alun’s second thread on the same topic. Why?


Sorry my mistake - didnt mean to start a new topic. Apologies. I ripped CDs mostly but some are recent downlaods from Apple itunes store

I ripped CDs so I could do so in in lossless format whereas downloads from apple are limited to 256 kbps

Are these apple or cd rips?

I’v just deleted aan album and ripped the CD again and now the whole things does appear in Roon. Not sure what the problem was but re-ripping seems to sort it out

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These things happen. If files were incorruptible backup companies would be out of business.

Yes this was odd as it was two albums from one specific band. Anyway it’s fixed. Sorry to have bugged everyone

Good that after private investigations the case is closed. Nobody wants to spend money for nothing!


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