DirectStream Junior

Right now enjoying Roon through my ol’ Squeezebox Touch, but I’m orientating (slowly, I’m not in a hurry) on a solution that can replace that.

Ideally I want an ‘all-in-one’ solution for streamer and DAC. So… the PS Audio DirectStream Junior popped up on my radar.

So can anyone over here tell me about there experience with the hardware? And are you driving it directly into a poweramp? And how is the integration with Roon of course?

I have a Direct stream with bridge 11 with Roon installed on my I Mac with Tidal also. It works fairly flawlessly. A couple of times there were glitches but that seem like internet issues.
Worth the price and Roon is free for a year with a special code.

If you are not in a hurry, I would wait til Jan/Feb to see what the fall has brought us in additional options.

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I’m very happy with the DS Jr and the latest bridge update to 2.8.8 makes it just a bit better with track display on the screen when it changes. Support from ps audio is also top notch.

Yeah but you know what happens right. In Jan/Feb you advise me to wait until summer :smiley:

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@brian told me that it’s one of the best Roon integrations. I’ll let him comment, but I remember him feeling very happy with the DS Jr.

This is a big deal coming from @brian, as his lab is filled with more devices than you could possibly imagine, and he does the Roon Ready certifications.

The PS Audio devices are one of our really complete integrations. I’m very happy with how they turned out. The key integration points like volume control, frontpanel functionality, and convenience switching are all well synced up with Roon in both directions.

One thing to be aware of with PS Audio’s networked devices: they are able to play up to 192kHz PCM/DSD64. Some of them can do higher rates over USB. Obviously any formats that the device can’t handle natively will be converted on the fly by Roon, but for people who collect that sort of content this might be a factor in the decision.


Thanks @brian!

My content is at max 192K/DSD64. Right now I really don’t see the point (for me at least) to go beyond that.

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I’d say: go for it, Harry! The Junior appears to have your name written all over it… :wink:


one problem: no analog in for my phono stage…

Buy the NPC and connect into the I2S input…done…and you can rip your vinyl with it too :smile:

With a trade in you can get $1000 off and essentially get the NPC for free - that’s what I did :wink:

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I have been on SB3 and then Touch for years. Last year I dropped LMS for Roon and ran through the Touch(s). Last month it is the DS Jr. There is no doubt the DAC is better than the Touch’s and probably most DACs you might run your Touch through.

Roon Integration with DS Jr Bridge is simple and easy. I am happy to have made the leap. I still keep the Touch attached to the DS Jr in case I want synched music is multiple rooms. Roon does not allow syncing on different platforms. I wish the volume control on the remote for the DS Jr was a bit quicker in raising or lowering volume…


I believe Ted at ps audio is looking to make a volume update in the next jr firmware build…fingers x that happens I would love that too

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@hshrader and @wizardofoz Was there ever any change to the volume characteristics you both mentioned? I’m looking into potentially buying the DSJ and I plan to use it as a digital preamp. A good volume control is super important to me, and I love everything about the DSJ from what I’ve read. Remote switchable hi/low gain settings, no loss of resolution with attenuation, and many volume steps (100, I think?). If the volume control is a bit slow to make big volume changes, I could probably live with that, especially if there is a mute button. And I suppose if you’re controlling volume via Roon remote on your phone or laptop, you can make a big volume change very quickly. Interested to get your thoughts.

I sold my DSJ so I can’t comment on anything recent with respect to firmware updates and whatnot. Roon did control the volume if you set it to do so. I’m heading down the higher DSD capability route with Oppo Sonica and and some DSD256 R2R dacs

I am big on the importance of quality V control and I think the DS JR qualifies for all the reasons you give. Manual control is great - easy up and down at a fast or slow rate. The remote’s speed is of issue. There is a mute but still I think we are hoping for a firmware fix to address the rather slower than normal responsiveness from the remote.

I think it would be a big mistake to forgo the DS Jr’s V control for that of the iPad. Sending a full signal to the DAC and using the quality of the sophisticated V control of the DS Jr is the way to go.

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Hi, I just sold my DirectStrem Dac Snr to fund a speaker upgrade. Amazing with Roon and the Jnr is 90% of the fun of the Senior I thought, for a lot less money. Great value.

But I have just gotten a HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro (Roon Endpoint and Dac, all in one) for a 2nd system, and just modified the power supply to the Dac itself and I’m blown away. I’m going to add a 5V @ 2.4A battery power supply to it next week. If the reviews that adding better linear supplies to the Dac board are to believed, I might be in for an even bigger surprise.

I don’t mention this to really compare with the DSD Jnr because it’s not a fair fight, but might be a really nice progression from the Squeezebox and meet your requirements (streamer and Dac, all in one). It would leave you plenty of spare cash to spend on other areas too. Having said that, the source is super critical and the DirectStream Dacs are other worldly as sources (Bridge II for Roon)

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