Disable SongKick, metadata privacy?


I know you can fold up “concerts”, but I’m not truly happy with this solution. I don’t think its anybodies business what I’m listening to.

And just folding it up, still means meta data is shared? Well I’m assuming that thats the case… Simply being able to disable it would be better (and saves some screen real-estate). The concerts shown are not even in the country I live…

Brings up the point, what metadata is actually shared (if any)? Any pointer to a document that explains this?

Many thanks!

Hi @onesixright,

There is no way to disable SongKick from displaying in Roon. Our privacy policy can be found here:

Thank you.

The PP is for your website (looks like it)? But what meta data is collected from Roon usage?

If you are showing concerts for Artist X, then apparently on your side its “known” what is playing on my side…?

Itself not a major issue, depending how that’s implemented…

The policy page has two tabs - one is for the software

Thanks, was reading it on my phone (and that is a hard to see).

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