Disambiguation needed for multiple “Sasha” artists

Several ‘Sasha’ artists (at least 6) are still being combined under the same name.

I asked for this particular case to be fixed years ago…see here…

Keeping this one alive as I really want this fixed too!

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@mikeb @jamie - any danger of a fix…? :wink:

This could be a hard fix. The metadata are all over the place for every source. But I will take a look when I get the chance.


I’ve started the ball rolling on this one, asking TiVo to perform a full review of their “Sasha” attributions. We’ll have to see what they come back with and then decide if we’ll need to get the streaming services to fix their data too.


I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed since June 2015…I’m sure I can hang on for a little longer… :wink:
Good luck !

Hey everybody, TiVo completed their review and edits for this about a week ago, so their changes should have propagated through to your libraries by now.

Please let me know if you are still seeing any disambiguation issues.

Thx, and thx for your patience.

It’s still a mess of at least 4 artists called Sasha. Two different artists are also being used in the images.

It’s possible that the streaming services have this wrong too. Please can you be more specific?

  • What streaming service(s) are you using?
  • What region(s)?

I don’t know this artist (or artists). What is incorrect? Screenshots are always helpful.


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