Disappearing Audio Devices

Environment / Setup

Core version 1.7 build 555

iMac 2.5 GHz Core i5 running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 with 12GB memory.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Apple wireless Airport Extreme

Endpoints using Chrome, and Sonos

Description Of Issue


When running Roon on either my Windows 10 laptop or iPhone XS Max-2, occasionally I will not see any audio devices present. See attached screenshot.

When I get this issue I will usually shot down the core running on my iMac and restart, or it will just resolve itself without taking any action.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Phil

Usually that is caused by firewall settings. Try turning off the firewalls and see if the devices show up in the Audio Section.

Note: edited to correct errors caused by using a phone to type. :smiley:

Also see https://kb.roonlabs.com/Networking_Best_Practices WiFi for a core machine and Apple networking both get an orange flag

Hey Guys,

I am wondering if it’s a low memory issue on my iMac Core? I just shut the Roon Core down and restarted it and now I can see all devices. No network changes were made.

Thanks, Phil

Hi @PhilG,

When this issue occurs, what does your Roon Settings -> Audio tab look like? Are your Sonos Airplay zones missing as when when this occurs?


Totally empty. I was starting to think that maybe my iMac / Core is sleeping but I if that was happening I would get Core is not available which I’m not getting.

Thanks, Phil

Have you tried turning off all sleep settings and just letting it run for a day or two and see if it makes a difference?


I actually change it last night and I haven’t see the problem today. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I appreciate your help and support!

Thanks, Phil

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