Disappearing Tagged Tracks in Roon After Manual Update (ref#SN3HOL)

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Had to update Roon manually as the check for update feature wasn't working. Updated to latest vrsion succesfully. Started using Roon, only to find my tagged tracks dissapearing. I literally watched as the tracks that I have tagged drop from over 20,000 down to less than 3000 before climbing back up to 7422. I made a recording as they trickled down in 1's, 10's, 100's, befre going back up again. It seems stable no, but where are all my tagged tracks?

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Vodafone wifi 6e router via ethernet connection

Update: about two thirds of the missing tagged tracks have reappeared. I have alo noticed that some Tidal playlists are missing, and that the feature to copy a playlist does not appear to be working. I may not be using this correctly as its new to me, but when attempting to move or copy a playlist - the list of playlists all seem to be greyed out.

I have rebooted everything but it makes no difference. I am wonderring if Roon did not install correctly when i downloaded the latest version.

Hi @Nathan_Fowler,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. Can you clarify how you updated manually? Also please share some screenshots of the playlists grayed out.

Hi Daniel,
Yes, I went to the downloads page on the Roon website and selected Install Roon for Windows.

Attached are some screenshots of the copy function in the playlist section. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I select a playlist from my Roon library, iTunes or Tidal. It’s also the same whether select an individual playlist or from the group select option. The copy to/paste options are all greyed out.

I have also noticed Roon isn’t reading the latest folder names from Tidal (I renamed some of the playlists within the last 3 days) and at least one Roon playlist is missing.

Are you able to play any of the playlists by clicking on them in the side bar?

If you are copying a playlist then you click the Copy Here button which is clickable in your pictures to make a local copy of that playlist. Roon will put it in the base Playlist section and you can then move it.

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Yes. Playback functionality does not appear to be restricted in anyway. I can play directly from playlists, add tracks to the queue etc. All normal. It’s only the new features that are greyed out from what I can tell.

Concerning the other issue with Tags, it looks as if most tagged tracks have reappeared.

Yes, this was how I understood it would function were it to work as intended. Thanks for clarifying.


When you choose the playlist to copy it displays the base Playlist location and the playlists in that folder (or sub-folder). You choose the location you want and then press the “Copy Here” button. The other playlists in that location are greyed out because they are display only.


The top three bracketed in Red are Playlist Folders I created, (you can do this with the little file+ Icon). I have selected a playlist, hit copy, and now I am choosing where to copy that playlist TO. The other playlists in the current location are displayed greyed out. Currently in my pic, the default base playlist folder is selected. If I were to click into the Tribute Album Playlists folder you would see…

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Ah I see. So this feature copies a playlist to a different folder or platform. It works for this purpose. Thanks.

@daniel - So in general, it’s just the missing Tidal playlists and the part-resolved issue of disappearing/reappearing Tags.

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Try manually triggering a sync with Tidal. You can do that by going to Roon settings → services. Click the edit button next to Tidal. Then click sync library now.

HI Daniel,

Gave this a go just now. Twice. Tried once before updating to build 1432 of Roon and then again afterwards. Seemingly made no difference to the playlists.

The update, however, did find the missing playlists.so that’s good but the names of 15 out of 34 playlists are still showing as what I used to name them before I made a change.


Is there a difference between the names of these playlists in Roon and their names in the Tidal app?

I checked this earlier today and they are actually the same. Also, if I attempt to change the playlist names in either Tidal or Roon, they revert back a few minutes later.

I think what happened is I didn’t leave enough time between changing the playlist names in Tidal before manually updating to the latest version of Roon. In doing so, Roon only picked up some of the renamed playlists when it finished the update.

Having said that, it’s not right that I am unable to amend the playlist names in either application.

You’re right you are certainly supposed to be able to edit the names of your playlists in Roon. If you edit the names in Roon maybe that will make a difference? Here are the steps.

Navigate to the playlist page and click the three dot menu.

Click edit

Finally enter the new name and save

If this doesn’t work please take a screen recording of the process and share it with us.