Disappearing Tidal Music

An odd one for @support, and after a quick search I can’t find the same issue, only similar!

Example of what I see, in Artist: Lorde in the Tidal Singles section there is a remix of Green Light (Chromeo Remix). When I add this to my library all three of the Green Light versions disappear from the singles section.

I know that I could select all three and add them if I wanted but even then only one is identified as duplicate so it’s strange that this happens in the singles section when adding thew one that isn’t duplicate!

Hey @Hectorson – this is a known issue, and one that we’re working on.

I don’t have a firm time frame for when we’ll fix this, but you should always be able to search for these releases, even if they’re hidden on the artist page.

Thanks for letting us know. Now, I must go listen to this Chromeo remix :wink:

Great to hear! Thanks.