Disc upgrade on ROCK

Just set up a new ROCK, which is mostly working as intended (or will be, after I finish fixing mistakes like storing music on a MacOS-formatted USB drive…)

My USB drive is almost full, and I would like to switch to a larger internal SSD.

After losing some of my tweaks to album metadata during the migration, I am wary of having to do that yet again when I move my music to a new (and differently formatted) music drive. I don’t see a way within ROCK to migrate my music. Is there a way to do it that won’t break or confuse the database?

Most importantly:
Above all, make a database backup before doing anything and confirm that it works.
Avoid that the ROCK ever sees both storage locations at the same time.

This guide will help:

Hopefully someone else wants to chime in to correct any errors I may have made, but for the complete sequence I’d say:

  1. Make database backup
  2. Turn off the existing external storage location in Roon > Settings > Storage. (Do NOT clean up library in settings)
  3. Turn off NUC, remove USB
  4. Install internal disk
  5. Turn on NUC
  6. Go to RoonOS web admin interface and format internal disk
  7. Attach USB disk to PC
  8. Copy the USB disk to the internal disk over network
  9. Drink tea
  10. Configure new internal storage location in Roon > Settings > Storage
  11. Enjoy
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Only change I would make is drink whiskey, but that’s just me… :slight_smile:

Ok, maybe one or two others,
Restore DB ONLY if needed.
IF it all looks good, then make another DB backup after the change is done.

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Questions: how do I copy the USB disc over to the internal disc? Where is that functionality in the web UI? I don’t see anything like that.

It’s not in the Web UI.

After setting up the NUC with the new internal disk, attach the USB disk to the PC, then follow one of the two approaches explained here:

This worked* – thanks.

  • I moved my library to an ExFat formatted USB drive because I still haven’t figured out how to do a simple automated backup of an internal drive.
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You need some kind of other computer or NAS with a backup software. Mount the ROCK’s internal drive (it is exported as an SMB share) over the network and configure the backup software to copy it

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