Disconnecting an output in a grouped zone stops playback

It would be great if turning off or disconnecting an endpoint that’s grouped, didn’t stop playback on the other device(s).

For example, turning off the upstairs endpoint (RPi), stops payback on the grouped hifi zone downstairs.

I’m sure this isn’t trivial and will evolve over time anyway, but just thought I’d note it - it would be much more elegant if there were no interruptions…

Same for temporarily pausing playback when grouping zones.

I may have mentioned it before but not as a feature request.

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Or in a similar vein, it would be great to have one endpoint that can be part of more than one group. That way you can just switch zones to the configuration you want instead of tearing them down and re-building them. So, if you wanted a 1st floor zone which was say, kitchen, den, living room, and a patio zone which was kitchen and patio you could have the zone groups setup and transfer between them… In this method, individual zones would always remain individual, so I could transfer from my 1st floor grouped zone to just my den.


it’s an old post. but… +1 from me

I have the same request. Here is my argument:

Support playback on subset of group (zone) via the independent power control icons already present.

Grouping devices into a Zone does not allow for independent power control. If I turn off one of the devices in the group, playback stops. If I press play it will power the device back on. Current design includes independent power control - each device has its own power control icon. Current function has the device power off but playback stops as well.

I am coming from LMS/Squeezebox where the functionality of a group and the power states of devices within it is better.

Enhancement is to allow partial groups to continue playing when one or more of the group is powered off. This would allow for situations where a group will play synchronized but not all devices are always powered on.

  1. Any device within the group when changed to another input or powered off will not impact other devices within the group. I.e., Playback will continue with any remaining members of group until last member is powered off.

  2. Any device within the group will sync with the group at power on when it’s input is Roon.

  3. Any device within the group will sync with the group on changing the input to Roon.

  4. The power all icon will control all devices within the group.

e.g. Group is comprised of two devices. First device in Kitchen (K) and second in Living Room (LR). The floor plan is open concept - sound carries between rooms poorly - loud enough to be annoying, not clear enough to be enjoyable.

  • Person one is listening to LR device. Person two goes to K and powers on K device. Synchronized audio enjoyed by both without interference. No need to get app out to group devices.

  • Person one decides to go do something else. Powers down LR device. Person two is happy listening to Roon without having to do anything. No need to interrupt what they are doing (hands full in K, raw chicken…) to go find something to un-link K device so they can reconnect to Roon.

  • Person one returns to LR and powers on LR device. Back in sync with K. Person two is finished in K. Turns off K device and joins person one in LR where the better quality system is not being impacted by interference from device K.

Hi everybody,
I wish this feature too !!

I have a limited hope, because the first post is 4 years old… but I’m trying :slight_smile: