Disconnection from NAS causes Roon to think albums have been deleted

The connection of Roon 1.1 (Build 94) on my 2015 Macbook Pro 15" Retina (10.11.2) to my Synology DS1515+ NAS over SMB3 has been great. But I’ve got a big problem: if my network connection is broken – whether wifi or my Thunderbolt Ethernet connection – Roon thinks the albums have been deleted.

Of course, the files aren’t gone: after all, when the network connection returns, Roon starts reindexing the music files. But IMHO for networked folders, Roon ought to gray out the album art or something to indicate that the music files are temporarily not available, rather than remove them entirely.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to keep a local folder synced with my NAS’ music folder, so that Roon doesn’t freak out …

Yes I use a NAS with Roon too. I don’t mind that they are gone when the NAS is offline because once I boot the NAS they are all back instantly. If it grayed them out it means sorting through alot of albums to find the ones that are available ( either local, on another network drive, etc…) Just one person’s point of view.

Interesting: I definitely wouldn’t mind if the albums came back instantly once the NAS was online again. But in my case Roon was clearly slowly rebuilding its catalog from scratch.

If I’m the only one experiencing this then I’ll take a look again at my setup to see if something stands out. Maybe this is a case of having the NAS off line for too long?

My experience is the same. @KJL are you sure it’s rescanning the library from scratch vs resuming analysis of the audio files?

Concur, it would be helpful if perhaps you could post a screenshot of the activity going on in Roon?

Concur, it would be helpful if perhaps you could post a screenshot of the activity going on in Roon?

I agree, I will try to reproduce the problem and take a screenshot. Is there a debug/log file I can search through for clues?

It was definitely rebuilding the catalog. All my albums (and I don’t have that many either, less than a thousand) took long enough to come back in I walked away from the MBP and came back later.

Incidentally, when I tried to turn off wifi/disconnect Ethernet, Roon didn’t think the albums were deleted but I found it impossible to quit or even force-quit the application. I had to do a hard shutdown (holding down the power button) in the end.

I’m guessing I’m alone in experiencing this behavior, so I’ll also start testing Roon with a “clean” setup to isolate the problems. This is literally the only thing stopping me from buying the lifetime membership, so I’m really hoping I find out the culprit soon!

If what you are saying is happening than it is well worth having the Roon team look at the log files. I would suggest have you LAN on - let Roon do its thing. Then turn off Lan, wait 10 minutes and turn on LAN again and see if the issue occurs again.

Alternately you can perhaps reach out to @mike and coordinate sending in some log files.

Can you tell us how your NAS is set up in Roon? A screenshot of the “Edit Network Parameters” popup would be great, feel free to PM it to me, and we’ll take a look.

Apologies for dropping off there: I’m still here and just purchased a lifetime membership. Just been so busy.

I haven’t actually sat back down at my MBP to test properly since my last post. I definitely know what I saw, but I understand this is useless to everyone else if I can’t reproduce it. Will be back as soon as I can starting with the screenshots and logs.

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Hello KJL,
I am experiencing the same problem. Did you get any answers or solutions to your problem?

I have a similar problem, but haven’t had time to narrow down the parameters.

Yay, I’ve turned into that extremely annoying creature: brand new customer comes in with a difficult-to-reproduce bug and then hightails away from his own thread for months. I can only offer my apologies: I’ve just moved house and the same network/NAS setup has simply been down.

Before I disassembled said network/NAS in preparation for the move, I noticed in the interim that an update to Roon seemed to have stopped the “catalog amnesia” caused by loss of connection to the NAS. As those with Macs know, connection to a NAS is greatly more difficult and less reliable than in Windows. You have to use automount with a choice of connection (SMB/CIFS, NFS, even AFS) that is peculiar to your NAS. For example, I have found NFS faster with my Synology DS1515+ but the SMB seems more reliable in terms of staying connected. I may be doing something wrong, but it’s hard to argue with the relative ease in Windows of mapping to a network drive and knowing it’d always work.

When I have my MBP back online, I will test this more strenuously. Sorry again for being offline for so long.

Thanks for the follow up @KJL!

We’ve made some progress on this guys, and while we still haven’t found a way to consistently reproduce these symptoms, we’ve found some potential causes and resolved them for our upcoming 1.2 release.

I’d still like to pin down the exact steps, so if you guys can provide the exact details of your setup that would be great. The basics are listed here but no detail is too small – how your NAS is set up, how it’s been added to Roon, how the system running your Roon Core is configured to access the NAS outside of Roon.

All of this info is potentially helpful, so while I’m confident things will work better once 1.2 goes live, the more details we have the more sure we can be that we’ve fully resolved everyone’s issues.

Thanks Mike. I have been enjoying Roon since the beginning but this is the one thing that happens pretty frequently and it runs from mildly annoying to exceedingly frustrating. I have a network consisting of 3,000 albums on a Synology NAS drive, which is connected to a router, which is connected to both the internet signal and a MacBook Pro which serves as the Roon Core. The MacBook Pro is connected via a USB cable to the DAC. Usually the cause is something happens somewhere in the network; this often happens, but not always, when I am away from the system for more than say 3-4 days. Either the albums “disappear” completely from the Roon storage or the system just freezes in some way and won’t play. Through trial and error I have learned to do one of several things to fix this: (1) close Roon from the MacBook Pro (I also have an iPad to control everything) and reboot the laptop; or (2) turn off the router and then turn it back on; or (3) turn off the NAS drive and then turn it back on. This causes all the albums in the NAS drive to rescan and this can take anywhere from 4-5 minutes (I have a very fast internet connection) or sometimes up to 15 minutes or more. So without doing anything to the system other than not playing music for a few days, this rebooting process is necessary and the rebooting then requires all the albums to be rescanned.

I would like to provide the exact details of my system but where do I send it to? Thanks

Thank you Mike for the reply. If I find the time I will share the details.

Thanks from this side. I hope 1.2 will resolve these issues. I’ve connected to my Sinology with SMB instead of AFP now, and that solves the connectivity issues at least.

I forgot to add in my most recent reply that I also suspect that an El Capitan update in the meantime has firmed up the Macbook Pro’s automount behavior. I’ve seen more of that small dialog box warning me that the network drive has disappeared and whether to “Ignore” the error or “Disconnect All”. I’ve chosen to “Ignore” instead of “Disconnect All” and now I wonder whether the latter would’ve generated the Roon “catalog amnesia”.

This dialog box from this thread is what I’m talking about.

I haven’t reconnect my NAS yet in my new home. Update forthcoming when I do.

I did send you the details of my set up last weekend but have received no reply.

I think the way it works is that you submit the details of your setup which helps in the aggregate by possibly identifying common setup factors.

Thanks, I mistakenly thought they could help me individually, not just “in the aggregate.”