Discourse forum dark mode [Done]

Please enable dark mode in Discourse software. This will allow browsers and devices with dark mode enabled to display the site properly and natively in dark mode


Yes please!

Yes please. So much easier on the eyes than stark white.

FWIW I changed a setting in Chrome to force all websites into dark mode. Doesn’t work perfectly, but beats having to look at bright white backgrounds.

I too have done this on my computers but with iOS it’s not so easy. Setting iOS to dark mode still requires the web site to offer a dark mode.

Yes, there are some hacks out there but I’d rather not, and I doubt they work perfectly.

I wasn’t quite sure where to post this request as it’s not Roon app related, please move if a mod sees fits. I presume someone must administer Discourse.


I recently installed the discourse software on my phone and find it’s freezing up when navigation this forum and others.

The mobile app is not very highly rated, only 2.8 of 5 stars on iOS. I don’t find it offers anything over a browser.

I use the Dark Reader extension on Firefox. It works well.

Anyone? Anyone know who manages this site so I can tag them?

Another forum I frequent installed the a couple dark interface options at my prompting and they both work great!


Is there a specific contact for Discourse forum management?


I would like a tan option.

If you’re using Chrome just point it to chrome://flags/ and enable Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. I use Enabled with simple RGB based inversion.

This is what it looks like:

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iOS Safari is why I want the forum software to offer Dark Mode. I’ve got all other devices with browsers set to run Dark Mode but iOS Safari is ‘different’ and requires the site to offer other modes regardless of the general iOS settings (without a hack or jail breaking)

Aah, of course… apple. There’s Chrome for iOS?

Yes, it would work but there’s also addins for Discourse that allow the dark mode to be set in user preferences and thus applies to all devices/browsers without any other settings.

Yip, know that but you’re not getting any joy with the request so a workaround until then. Better than box sets, at least there’s something you can do re dark mode.

Thank you for that, it helped. :+1:

Hi @Larry_Post,

Thanks for bringing up this suggestion. I have mentioned it to the technical team and we’re looking into it, although I can’t comment on an exact timeline.


I must say the Naim forum Dark Theme is much more to my liking and they have only moved to Discourse quite recenly.

I cannot see that providing an option of different themes can be too taxing surely?



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Implemented. See here: