Discover artists in undiscovered albums

Hi all,

I have a list of undiscovered albums which I have created myself. So the reason is obvious why they aren’t discovered. However is it possible to discover the artist playing on them to have it integrated a bit more with the Roon goodness?

I can click on the song artist name, but it isn’t linked to Roon’s database and as such doesn’t display a picture and other usefull information.

Hi @Werner_De_Bijl ---- Thank you for report. My apologies for any confusion on my part, but can you provide some more insight into these “undiscovered albums”. Are there multiple artists on these albums or are they by a single artist?

Furthermore, have you tried manually identifying the albums in question? Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing in Roon?


Just add the artists yourself manually on a track by track basis, also I find if the track name is correct and you add the composer, Roon finds other versions and links them.
I do this a lot to my Bootleg Albums.

Hi @Eric,

After further investigation I found out that some artists are being discovered whilst others aren’t.

Below you’ll find a screenshot of the unidentified album to which I am referring. It is not an official album, created personally with various artists.

When clicking on Mark Knopfler I do see all the love from Roon :smile: as you can see below:

However when selecting the Amy Winhouse song I notice the following:

Same thing for other artists like Christina Aguilera.

I already performed a re-scan and re-identify of these tracks without any result. I also opened the artist editor to see if I can do anything there.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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That looks rather complex to me and this could be improved by our Roon friends I guess?

Making your own albums is time consuming, that’s the price you pay to have something unique in your collection.
If your albums are made of ‘KnownTracks’, officially released then perhaps Roon can help. In my case the music is not commercially available. We record it at Live gigs we host and mix it ourselves with consent.

The other way is to pick the tracks you want and just make a playlist.

Just thoughts Chris

Aha that could be it indeed. The artists which aren’t discovered aren’t find elsewhere in my Roon collection. The onces which are discovered are already inside indeed. Let me try testing that with adding some albums from Tidal.

Yes that is it!

I added the latest album from Tidal to my library and suddenly Amy Winehouse does show with all Roon information.
@support isn’t there a way to discover artists in this way which aren’t already in my database? I do have a Tidal subscription so information could be fetched from these location or your own Roon artist database.

When you add unidentified content, it’s really hard for us to make solid guesses about who these artists are.

For example, say you made a “mix CD” of your favorite Bill Evans tracks. Since this album isn’t going to match anything in our database (because you assembled it yourself) we don’t have any way to know if the album is by this Bill Evans or this one.

If one of the Bill Evans exists in your library, we’ll group your compilation in with the rest of their albums, but if you don’t own any Bill Evans at all, we’re not going to make a guess.

Point being, we need at least one piece of identified content to understand who the artist really is – we’re not going to base the ID on a text match alone.