Discover stopped working [Resolved with a reboot]

The Discover function on my Roon has stopped working.
I just get an almost blank screen (has the “Discover. Discover automatically curates…” title text at the top) with the Roon symbol churning endlessly in the middle of the screen.

I’m pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that it happened at the recent software update.
I’m on 1.3 (Build 274) stable (64bit), running on a Core i7 laptop with 20GB ram, using external HDD with my music on it.

The same happens on the Android version on my phone.

Any suggestions?

It’s worth restarting the Roon Core, if that does not help we can get support to take a look.

I’ve had this a few times. A reboot of the core always sorted it for me.

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Thanks, I have already done that several times including some reboots. I’ll try once more and let you know.

Well… it seems that a core restart works better when you suggest it than when I just do it off my own bat. Tried again and, hah hah! All fixed!

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