Discovering great production sonics

Let’s share those recordings by an elite group of technically-gifted producers and engineers who create outstandingly satisfying hifi musical experiences:

Manfred Eicher’s (ECM) many pristine productions are obvious examples. I’m also looking for treasures by people like Jan-Eric Perrson (opus 3) or Takeshi Fujii (Three Blind Mice).

What are your spectacular sonic discoveries? I’d love to find great new music (new to me anyway) that also thrills with technical brilliance. Production by Mark Waldrep? Morten Lindberg?

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This is an interesting topic and I am sorry to not have seen it before today.

As to great production, I recommend having a look at the Yarung catalogue. The recordings are consistently well mastered and of great sound quality.

Thanks for the recommendation; Yarung is a definite find!

Today I’ve been enjoying that label’s Sophisticated Ladies Jazz and the Lifeline quartet, available from Qobuz. Both groups were recorded live in great acoustic spaces in the L.A. area using a single stereo microphone and custom tube gear.

Chesky Records and Soundkeeper Recordings have done similar one-take-without-overdubs-or-compression work in New York.

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Don’t know if you like percussion, but I recommend you listen to ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ albums on Yarung… it’s amazing…