Discovering New Releases/battery drain/editing file metadata

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Core Server 1.7 (537) running on a Windows 10 machine connected to my LAN via ethernet cable
Roon Core Server 1.7 (537) running on MacBook MacOS 10.15.4 (19E287) (setup as remote player not core)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Vodafone issue router with Wi-Fi off and BT wholehome mesh Wi-Fi turned on all wifi mesh disks cabled with Ethernet back to router via Netgear 10/100 switches

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound Node 2i Ethernet + analog out
Innuos Zen Mini Mark 3 Ethernet + analog out
FiiO Dac usb to MacBook and 3mm jack out to powered speakers
Sonos (various x 5)
Apple TV x3 (2 x HDMI to TV + 1 old model Toslink to an amp)
Chromecast hdmi into TV 1
Sony 4K Android TV 2 with Chromecast built in

Description Of Issue

How do I edit meta data when importing CDs and Audio files because my lovely library manager on my Innuos Zen Mini was disabled due to Roon (Bridge?) software being enabled?
I miss it dearly as I cannot work out how to edit my metadata from within Roon software particularly when importing audio files with no metadata and trying to make a compilation. I can see how to edit albums/tracks and priority for Roon metadata vs file metadata but not edit the file data for track artist, only track name. I’m struggling. My trial only has a few days left and while I was really enjoying Roon at first, now I am feeling parts of Roon’s functionality is too complicated for me. Sorry, I am really frustrated. The playback management of devices is market-leading, I have never seen anything as good without compromising quality of playback, but the library manager isn’t working for me as a new user. I thought 2 weeks was ample time but I’m nowhere near figuring out if it’s worth the 1 year subs, as I keep getting stuck on simple things. I need to be able to use it if my family are going to consider using it at all for playback.

I am also finding it almost impossible to upload album art using my iPad. I would try my MacBook but the Roon software burned through a full battery charge in about an hour when only using it as a remote in my lounge. Is this normal? I haven’t managed to find a spare power adapter!

Also I was hoping Roon would be able to help me with new music discovery which has perhaps the highest value proposition for me. I’d pay the annual fee for that alone which would make Roon a no brainer at the price. All the streaming services are pretty hopeless at it. I love using internet radio such as Radio Paradise which is a fantastic resource for discovery but no Roon integration there either. I do like Roon’s discovery and overview sections and I was excited about the “focus” functionality but have struggled to figure out how to navigate it. When I don’t get lost or lose sight of the filters it’s excellent.

However, when looking up one of my favourite bands on Roon and listening to some of my own music along with some from Tidal, I didn’t notice, nor was presented with anything new. Then I had a look on the Tidal App and a new EP popped up right away! In Roon it was buried way down last in the list of EPs and I would never have known it was released. Epic fail for me. I invested much time trying to figure out how to get the newest EPs on Tidal to show up first on the list. How do I alter that if possible on Roon?

I really want to get Roon to work for me and was about ready to happily pay the annual fee. Now I’m not so sure but perhaps it’s just the steep learning curve.

Hi @Robert_Borley,

We have some information about editing here in our KB:

If you’re looking to specifically edit the file tags, you can use separate file tagging software that has access to your music library. Edits in Roon do not change the file tags.

What is the model of the MacBook?

Can you share some screenshots of battery usage?

Check out our Live Radio feature! Let us know if you have any questions about this feature, we’ll be happy to help. You can also request new stations be added over in our #live-radio category.

We have some information about Focus here in our KB, but let us know if you have any specific questions that aren’t addressed there!

The more you use Roon the more Roon will be able to better recommend new music to you. We are always working to make this better on our end as well, and we have some ideas about how we’d like to surface things like this even better in the future.

Can you share some details about this artist where this information wasn’t recommended? We’d be happy to take a closer look!

Thanks for taking the time to look into my queries.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) - 2.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 - 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

What would you like to see…?

Screenshot 2020-04-26 17.43.49
Not sure what to send you here (currently using MacBook for playback not just remote if that makes a difference)?

Green Day (see screenshots)
The new EP doesn’t show at all in Roon…

I was also searching on Roon for The Naked and Famous - 5 main albums show up but not the one I was looking for. I searched Roon (Tidal via Roon) for that specific album and it still didn’t show. I searched in the Tidal app and it showed up right away. I added it in the Tidal app and then is eventually showed up in Roon. (see screenshots).

I am still struggling with the Focus functionality after reading the KB but I need more time to see if it will be useful for me. The iTunes ‘smart’ playlists seem more flexible but I really do not want to compare Roon with iTunes as overall Roon is so far ahead in many other ways! I am struggling to use Roon Focus to focus on a mix of certain artists and genres IE The match any (not all) of the rules option?

I will check out live Radio (if I have time before my trial ends) and I already added to someone else’s request for integration of Radio Paradise such as Blue sound OS integration.

I am still unsure about Roon. I would love an extension to my trial. I do very much like the playback features and the way it identifies and handles my Audio hardware, that part is amazing. If I can get to grips with the rest of it maybe I will fall in love with it eventually.

Another question, how do I get Roon to display on my screens when my iPhone dies, the casting seems to die as it is controlled by the iPhone or iPad? Also, I cannot get the AppleTV display to work at all. I may be confused with what link to paste in the browser.

Thanks again for all your assistance.


Any news on the strange behaviour searching Tidal within Roon?

I have another example here, again with the band The Naked and Famous:
A few tracks from the album ‘In Rolling Waves’ aren’t available. According to Roon ‘A Small Reunion’ isn’t available whereas it is available on the Tidal app. See screenshots…

I think I am just accepting that Roon’s Tidal integration may improve over time and that Roon is a power-hungry application, even when not playing back music. No big deal considering how far ahead Roon is with the competition. Actually I cannot think of a music application that comes anywhere close. I think Roon is an amazing piece of software.

Also, I was wondering if someone could address the other queries I had…?

By the way Sonos now have a simillarly good implimentation of Radio Paradise now, it’s added as a music service which includes album/track art, track metadata, track skipping, improved quality stream.

Roon Radio music selection is pretty impressive so far.

Hi @Robert_Borley,

The Green Day EP is showing okay for me in Roon under All Singles and EPs for Green Day. Are you able to see it now?

Same for the Naked and Famous album.

Can you confirm the region for your TIDAL account?

What device are you using as a Display?

We don’t have native integration with Apple TVs for display, but you could use a web browser. We have information about Web Displays here in our KB. What happens when you try to use the Web Display feature with the Apple TV?

I see the same thing here — There are some tracks for this album that are unavailable in TIDAL, but A Small Reunion does appear to be available in the TIDAL app — We are looking into this.

Can you share a screenshot of the Focus criteria you have set?

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