Discussion: Sound Quality from Synology NAS running RoonServer

Thought it would be worth while to start this topic for some of us to share the experiences made related to SQ on Synology NAS running RoonServer.

My experience is:

  • technically it runs quite well on my 1813+ DSM 6.0
  • however SQ is clearly worse compared to running RoonServer on an untweaked W7 PC despite of using Fidelizer Pro.

So I moved back to running RoonServer due to SQ on my PC which is less than optimal as well but clearly better than running on the NAS, no matter if playing files from library or streaming TIDAL.

My NAS is hosting my local library, sound output is Roon via RAAT to a RoonReady endpoint in both cases. All hardwired LAN in same 1Gbit network in both cases, no network related issues, stable.

What are your experiences?

As Roon provides a ‘bit-perfect’ solution I fail to see why you should experience a difference in SQ.
So I’m not sure what is going on in your system, but I’m pretty sure the Synology itself has nothing to do with it.

Is that your experience or your expectation ?

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In theory yes.

In reality it’s all about noise and jitter coming from the hardware components in the chain influencing the sound. Streamers do sound different regardless of claiming to be bit-perfect or not, unfortunately.

If you want to discuss this point feel free to open an own topic. But I’ve opened this thread to exchange the experiences made, it should not turn into the discussion if bit-perfect is reality or not.

Thanks so much.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Otherwise it’s just people chucking anecdotes at each other.

If the OP is claiming a difference then they should propose the mechanism by which it’s happening, and be able to quantify the result.

Then we usually get the “sound quality is not measurable” response, and here I would say, a difference in sound most certainly would be.

What endpoints and DAC are you using?

TotalDac d1-server as endpoint, TotalDac d1-twelve DAC.

Which is exactly how the thread was opened.

I guess I replied directly to you because you used the word “experience” as if this alone somehow has more more merit than expectation. Given that the expectation is based on sound principles and experience without validation is just an anecdote, I’d say not.


Can you describe the sound quality difference(s) between running Roonserver on a Synology NAS vs your PC?

To what do you attribute the difference?



Hi Tom,

sure. Less stage depth, less bass weight, less air, instruments not so well defined in harmonics and stage position, less punch, mids and highs not so silky, less reverberation, less natural and less involving.

As everything in my chain is the same when switching the source from PC to NAS my assumption is that tge NAS introduces more noise and jitter in the stream. Why? I don’t know exactly of course.

I find this highly implausible.

I wish it was not because my plan has been to take the PC out the chain.

This is interesting. The sq decrease is pretty much acroos the board and I assume the signal chain indicator on Roonserver when running on the Synology still showed bit perfect.


(Keeping an open mind about this…)

How is the NAS connected to the DAC?

Well I have tried various permutations of running RoonServer on both MacOS, Windows and Linux ( on Synology NAS 1812+ with 3 GBs RAM and dedicated SSD volume for RoonServer.

Currently using a Mac Mini with linear power supply as RoonBridge to which my DAC is connected.

I do not hear a difference in my setup between running RoonServer on MacOS to the RoonBridge on my Mac Mini and it running on my Synology NAS to the RoonBridge on my Mac Mini.

My setup has the NAS in a separate room/circuit than the stereo and Mac Mini.

The NAS is wired via ethernet to switch. The Mac Mini is wired via ethernet to switch. Other Mac running RoonServer was also wired to ethernet to switch.

No opinions on how these types of setups sound in someone else’s system/house/environment.

I am actually rather surprised how well RoonServer runs on the NAS.

Personal Opinion only - Is it not nice if we have NUC like (/mac mini ) with big SSD and move all Music dB (depending on collection size or most frequently played) onto SSD (1/2TB) sitting within NUC like product so one element of fetching bits from NAS, Collecting bits from a rotating device are all saved and hence potential SQ degradation is also taken care?

Thats my plan once my finances ease out. NAS will be only for back up.

You should read this, and in particular @danny’s replies:

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“The d1-server is integrated in a d1-digital reclocker which guarantees a low jitter and a low noise with digital preamplifier functionalities such as several auxiliary digital inputs, all de-jittered by the internal reclocker.”

Perhaps you were just tired.

Perhaps. But hearing is believing, not reading.