Display (Chromecast) keeps turning off

Roon Core on Apple IMac
Display is Vizio 75" with built in Chrome cast


Network is wired ethernet. Dlink switches. Vizio TV is using Google Wifi. Sonos is my endpoint using Roon.

Just completed a trial. Been using Roon for 3 weeks now. About a week ago, I tried to reset my roon database. I tried to wipe it clean and import my music. I had rearranged my organization of files on my mac. I do not use itunes for my CD quality (ALAC) rips. I also use Tidal.

After I reimported music about a week ago, I started seeing ‘flakyiness’ on the display with Chromecast. For 2 weeks, it never cut out. Ever since I tried to reset my database, I’ve had problems with the display cutting off. I would need to shut off and on roon to get it back. Once I rebooted the TV. But it never lasts long before it just cuts out.

I am fine with deleting and and starting over with my library from scratch.


Hi @Steve_Cashion,

Does this issue happen with all displays? If you use a web display, even if just as a test, do you experience the same disruptions?

I only have 1 Chromecast device. I could try a browser as a test. Do you know if I have messed up my Roon database messed up if this could cause an issue with the display. It’s wield that I’m having this disconnect issues after I had a lot of changes to the Roon database. No other network changes. I have Roon on Mac hardwired to Ethernet and the TV is WIFI. I may try to put the Mac on Wifi to see if that helps

One more point. Resetting Roon does not always bring back the connection. Sometimes I need to reset it a few times before it sees Chromecast. Also, it drops the connections after 10-15 minutes consistently now

Hello @Steve_Cashion, please let us know if the web display shows the same issue. Also, have you rebooted your network gear since the issue started?

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