Display graphics not updating


Just updated to 181 with remote and now my display is not updating graphically, it also goes to sleep (as if nothing is playing) and displays the clock but it is still playing music.
The controls on the screen seem to work and the remote works but the graphics on the display do not update. So when I hit play pause it will play but does not show the pause symbol, and when it goes to the next song it does not change the album art, it also doe not advance the blue track play bar, the album/artist title does scroll but only the title of the album and artist currently displayed not the new album/artist playing.

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can you check if the extension is enabled in Roon?

looks like it.

I’m seeing the same, I think…

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Although I am not grouping zones right now, but could it “think” the remote is its own zone??

I r not programmer…

No this is not related to the remote control. I have one too.

Can you restart ROCK?

Thanks, Harry; that seems to have done the trick…

It looks like it is working now. Thanks.

So note to self reboot everything after updating…:grin:

Thank you.

My experience is that rebooting ROCK works. It is almost as though there is a memory leak and this causes the extensions to fail occasionally. (I have no evidence that this is true though.)