Display mangling when version tag has text in brackets

Roon puts a \ in the text it adds to the bottom of album covers in browse view wherever there’s a version tag in file based metadata and that tag contains text in brackets, so easily reproduced.

This first appeared around the time 1.7 was released and has persisted since. It looks like a parsing/concatenation error in the code logic that derives the string to display over the cover in browse views. I was hoping it’d be noticed without being reported but given how long its been this way now it’s time to report it as a bug. Should be a quick fix so hopefully something that can be incorporated in an upcoming maintenance release.

Hello @Emile_Lemmer, thanks for the report! Can you send me some screenshots of what you’re observing on your end? Thanks!



In the first and 3rd albums you see a \ in the text placed over the album cover. That text minus the \ which Roon adds comes from file tags:

version=[Special Edition]

The folder names in which the albums are stored are:

Airbourne - Black Dog Barking [Special Edition]
Airbourne - Runnin' Wild [Roadrunner]

Not sure if it’s the folder names or the version tag triggering the bug in Roon but I’m sure you guys can quickly figure that part out.

Hey @Emile_Lemmer, thanks for the screenshots! Are you able to send me screens of the file tags and the folder structure in file explorer/finder too?

They’re exactly as I posted them above.

Hello @Emile_Lemmer, my apologies for the delayed response here. I spoke to my team about the \ showing up in Roon. This is a known issue at the moment that we’re currently investigating and working to resolve. I cannot offer timelines on this just yet but from what they said you shouldn’t have to make any changes on your end to resolve the issue.

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