Display of Qobuz Purchases

I was delighted with 1.6 (build 390).

This gave me an easy way to browse and play my many Qobuz purchases, many of which are in hi-res.

Then came build 401 - bang, auto update (and the location to disable it is rather cryptic), and I’d lost the ability to see a list of my Qobuz album/track purchases within My Qobuz which is completely contrary to the Qobuz app itself or other apps I’ve used which can access the account.

While I appreciate automatically adding purchases to the Library when they may already have been downloaded could cause duplication, I cannot see why you need to remove Album/Track purchases from the My Qobuz display - these features could be retained where they are logically placed without automatically adding titles to the Library - random new releases would not be added to the Library for example.

There seems to be an assumption that unless you only stream via Qobuz you’ll have downloaded and added the purchased audio files to local storage, which is not necessarily true.

While I would download purchases to local/backup storage I would not necessarily want them all available on my NAS for family consumption especially those with more mature lyrics/themes.

Equally the Library can be composed of multiple local sources - not all of these might be available at the same time for a variety of reasons - eg you might have your Roon Core on a laptop which you take away from home with only a smaller amount or no local content available.

Perhaps I’m not making my point well, but being able to easily view my Purchases within Roon and play them from My Qobuz was a huge benefit over other playback solutions (especially where gapless was concerned).

We all use our digital media in slightly different ways, and often ‘one size does not fit all’.

A simple set of preferences could be used to customise what shows in ‘My Qobuz’ and even whether or not purchases are automatically added to the Library. I’d even go so far as to suggest a customisable order in My Qobuz as I rarely use playlists and would by choice have my album purchases listed newest first at the top.

Unless I’m missing something it seems that the problem was simply adding Qobuz Purchases automatically to the Library potentially causing duplication, rather than listing Qobuz purchases in the My Qobuz section.

There has been a suggestion of adding Purchases to Favourites - however if you had dozens or hundreds of Purchases this could become a throughly annoying chore.

I personally use Favourites to save newly found albums I wish to stream and may consider purchasing - adding Purchases here would confuse issues further. Others probably use Qobuz favourites differently but again we all use our media in personal ways.

I therefore ask you to seriously reconsider the removal of Purchases from the My Qobuz section as an absolute minimum, ideally with preferences to allow the visual order of Qobuz sections and/or Library integration automatically (the problem as I see it, and one most people won’t need/want).


I assumed that this feature was removed only temporarily in order to improve its integration.

At least, that is how I interpreted the following release note.

Release 1.6 build 401

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Yep it’s a temporary measure until they work out a more elegant solution. It was causing a lot of confusion with the vast amount of users.

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I do hope this is the case, as I know it says ‘for now’ but that could mean for a heck of a long time or permanently if they feel there are other more pressing priorities.

This summary suggests more finality perhaps, maybe it ought to have been qualified.

  • Qobuz:

    • “Purchases” are no longer supported
    • Radio understands when account has no streaming rights

I’m just baffled why they couldn’t have simply disabled adding Purchases to the Library automatically and rebuilt the library on a restart - would have given the best of both worlds.

Also, if Qobuz Purchases were integrated before into the Library, and suddenly they’re not it implies to me that the software could identify items in the Library added via Qobuz in order to remove them again .

I really hope it’s just a case of tweaking things, but as listing Purchases under My Qobuz was extremely useful to me and others I think it’s important to comment.