Display via Chromecast Freezes/Disconnects


Roon display freezes or disconnects after a few minutes. I use the Roon remote on my iPhone to cast the display to Chromecast to my TV. I’ve tried things like switching networks, restarting various components, etc., but it doesn’t seem to help. I don’t have problems with other Chromecast usages, like YouTube or Hulu, for example. It just seems like Roon stops sending the signal. Any ideas?


Hello @Brian_Cohen and thanks for the info. To narrow this down, can you try using a Web Display and see if the same issue comes up? Also, do you have this issue with any other remotes you might be using?

Seems like I solved it - it’s working now.

It seems to be all about the networks.
I have my Core on 5.0ghz.
RoPieee on 2.4ghz
Chromecast on 2.4ghz
iPhone on 2.4ghz.


Hello @Brian_Cohen, I’m glad things are working again! Please let me know if the issue returns.

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