Display working but not displaying "Now Playing"

I just converted my Ropieee from wired to wireless and now I can’t see the “Now Playing” screen. It shows “Ropieee is RUNNING” and it also talks about an overvoltage. I’m using a CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Power Supply / Adapter from Amazon. Anyone else run into a problem like this?

Sorry, a correction. The screen mentions an undervoltage, not an overvoltage. Could I have a faulty power supply?

@Gavin_Riley 2.5A might be a bit low but I have a couple of displays with low voltage lightning bolts and no issues…might be marginal tho

note that the IP might have changed so you might need to remove and re pair the extension in roon

I deleted the original extension and added a new one.

I am assuming that you have typed the zone correctly in the display tab. Would you post a picture of what is shown on the display?

Hmm. If you attach wired Ethernet, does it work? And, according to your wireless router, is an IP allocated to your Pi? Can you ping the Pi on wireless?

I haven’t tried hooking it back up to the wired ethernet, but it certainly gets an ip address in wireless. It plays music through Roon, I just don’t have a screen that shows what’s currently playing with the album artwork like I used to have. Oh, one other thing…I think there are some digital artifacts passed to the DAC. I can hear some popping noises, which I don’t hear if I use another endpoint, such as my Sony Bravia or CCA.

I had this issue, it had not updated the touchscreen ui bit. Harry told me what to do. If you look in the 170 update thread you’ll find it near the end. It might help you out.

hi @Gavin_Riley,

Can you send me feedback? Go to the advanced tab of the web page and click on ‘send feedback’.

I just did the pacman -Syu ropiee-touchui SSH thing and it looks like it’s still the same.

Here is the feedback identifier: 015bd78e17bb05e0


can you login and do the following:

pacman -Syu double-conversion

Let me know how it goes, paste me the output.

I think that worked! Thank you