Display Zones through Apple TV

Hi all!

I was so glad to read the Roon email about the feature Display Zones, something I´ve been looking for. But when I tried to find the Display button under the volume pop up nothing were to be found. No display button in my Roon :frowning:

I would like to connect it to my Apple TV Device. Do I have to do anything special to get it to work? I.e. connect via Airplay to my streamer? I do not do that at the moment. I have updated to the leatest release så it can´t be that i would guess.

Any idea someone?



Displays only supports chromecast devices and some internet browsers not Apple TV. There is an app you can get that was developed by a community member that works as Roon extension to allow a ui from the Apple TV that will display but the official displays is not supported on Apple Products as they use Airplay and Roon doesn’t support official airplay only its own reversed engineered airplay for audio only.

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Oh, I understand, thanks. But, hopes up, I´m sure Roon will fix such a woderful thing soon :slight_smile:


Unlikely given Roon is for audio and it would be a big undertaking , they always supported CC officially so was easy as it’s all included in the official api. Apple don’t allow non Apple products to send over Airplay so it would require a huge effort to reverse engineer it, audio is Roons purpose not video.

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OK, thx anyway for taking your time to answer.