Displaying albums from my own Library AND Tidal

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Hello, I have an extensive library, all in Flac. However, when I want to use TIDAL to play one album already in my library (I want the tidal version because in that case it is in MAQ and not FLAC), I don’t see appearing in Tidal. I guess it is because there is already a version of that album in my library. But in my library, it is FLAC and in Tidal MAQ. So I would need to see the album on both source so that if I want to switch to Tidal to play the MAQ version, this would be possible. Is that possible ?


This is correct. The TIDAL releases can be found under the Versions tab on the Album page.

However, you do have some control over this: either group alternative versions or not. This is done by grouping alternate versions or removing from duplicates …

You may also go to Settings > General and select Show hidden tracks and albums.

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Hello @Benjamin_Dubost, and welcome to the community! @Martin_Webster has the correct answer here, please let us know if you have any further questions.

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