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Does anyone know if there is a way of displaying the filetype/bit rate/sampling frequency etc. of the tracks in a queue (either album or playlist)? I realise you can configure the ‘Now Playing’ screen to show the detail for the album but sometimes the tracks in my albums will have a mixed bag of sample rates and they most certainly will when cherrypicking individual tracks from different albums for a playlist.

Thanks in advance


Edit: Bit weird…some albums display the details for each individual track whereas others don’t???

Roon shows the file type / bitrate on track level when the album contains tracks with different formats / different bitrates. You can see “Mixed Track Formats” under the album cover in your screenshot for the album where the details are listed for each track then.

Albums which do consist of tracks with identical file types / bitrates only show this info under the album cover once - because it would be the same for each track.

As for your initial question: I don’t think the queue shows this information - but you can show it in the Now Playing Screen.

Thanks u_gee…makes sense on an album level. What about a playlist composed of tracks from different albums though?


Good point. :slight_smile: It would sure be useful to have this data as an optional column in the playlist view. Not sure if there’s already a feature request out there for this, haven’t searched for it.

Roon, please don’t do such ugly things. I want Roon to focus on the music and not about the containers or the files.
It would be like a book there on every page you read informations about the paper the book is printed on.:face_vomiting:

Hi @Paul_Moran,

As @anon47919701 mentioned, this information is not currently displayed on the Playlists page, but I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

Thanks for the feedback!

… if it would be an optional column in the Playlist view you wouldn’t be bothered much, I hope. :wink:

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Hi AE67

It’s not an ugly thing. Before digital came along and a mate put on a track would you not care if it was a cassette, CD, vinyl? The quality of the source is paramount and why wouldn’t you want it displayed so you could choose between an MP3 or FLAC?


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Thanks Dylan…it would be a nice addition but I’m not too confident of how often user requests are implemented or even considered. I think the developers have their own vision for Roon which may or may not encompass requests as it sweeps along…


No need for an additional column…just the same info in the line below as it is when album tracks are from a mixed source. No biggie but massively useful I would suggest. I mean…the information is already there…the space is already there…what’s the problem?


If you check the Feature Requests subforum, you’ll see some requests with [Implemented in Roon 1.…] in the title, so it is worth a try. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t want it displayed. Quality is important in what I buy. If I have bought it, my focus is the content.
Like in books: I love buying a great edition, but after the decision what to buy, I want to enjoy the content.

The problem is, it distracts from the content. While listening to music, I want information about the music not about the containers or files. I have made my decision what version of an album I want on adding it to my library. After that, it should only be music not files anymore.
It would be like driving a car that permanently displayed the kw of the engine and how fast it can accalerate in the cockpit. I don’t want to see what.

Roon displays individual track resolutions when the album contains mixed track formats. If the album was all one format it does not display it with the tracks. Notice in your screen shot, under the album it says Mixed Track Formats.

Fair enough…provide a toggle so those of us that want it can view it and others, like yourself, that don’t , can hide it. It’s made more necessary the poor search facility which doesn’t show the song detail information either - if I search for a song and get multiple hits, how do I choose the next one to queue up without looking at the individual file info, one by one?


That’s OK when picking an album…what about when picking a playlist composed of different album tracks? I mean, do I really need a line below telling me “added by Paul”…I know I added it!! Replace useless info like this with the same info presented when playing a mixed format album.


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