Displaying the Queue when switching Zones

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

i3, windows 10. I don’t know how to find the roon build number, I assume the last.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

mixture of wifi and and cat6

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

SOtM SMS-200 Neo → USB DAC

Description Of Issue

@support, When switching zones clicking the queue button goes to the album page instead of the queue page. So the workflow is:

  1. Switch zones
  2. Click queue
  3. Display album page
  4. Click queue
  5. Display Queue page

Instead of (I assume it was meant to be):

  1. Switch zones
  2. Click queue
  3. Display queue

What device are you using as a controller?

Usually a windows 10 laptop or an old ipad.

You have to use transfer zone. Then it works.

Hello @Tony_Casey, thanks for your report! I tried the steps you provided on my end but didn’t see the same result. I also discussed this with some of the team here and we were unable to see this also. Would it be possible for you to upload a video of this behavior?

Thanks Koffi,

It is not the same. I have several zones with different queues. So I don’t want to transfer the queue from one zone to another. I just want to examine what the upcoming queue is in another zone.

I have absolutely no idea how to make a video.

The steps are.

  1. Set up different queues on two or more zones.
  2. Switch from one queue to another.

This is what I see:

This is the queue for “Living room TV”:

If I then switch the zone to “HQPlayer B&WD2” I see this:

If I want to edit this queue I click on “Queue”, but then I see this:

I then have to click on Queue again to get to the Queue so that I can finally edit it:

So you already start on the queue screen.
Note: The queue screen is just an overlay over the current navigation screen – album in your example but could be live radio, overview, …

As can be seen from your screenshot, the queue gets correctly switched to the new zone.

You now closed the queue screen by yourself, so you’re back to your current navigation screen. This is intended behavior. If you just want to close the zone selector list, you can click on the zone icon in the bottom line again.

I want to edit the queue not close it. I don’t what to close the queue landing somewhere else (not even necessarily the album view either) then open the queue, then edit the queue. With all due respect I will wait for roon to reproduce this behavior and make their comments.

Hello @Tony_Casey, If I follow the steps you’ve outlined I have the ability to edit the queue. Let’s start from the point of this screenshot you posted:


When I’ve switched zones like your previous step, if I click anywhere on the left side of the screen I can access the queue. At the point of the picture, try clicking the word “Queue” over there on the left and see if it still closes. My apologies if we’re seeing different behavior when doing this. But before we proceed I want to verify that if you click near the word “Queue” at the top left you are able to access the queue for your desired zone.

Blackjack and I could be seeing different behavior than what you’re seeing, but I can confirm that clicking the “Queue” button at the bottom right does close my queue. Please let me know!

Thanks for responding Nuwriy.

Yes. I see exactly the same behaviour as you. I am clicking the bottom right hand “Queue”. The one that highlights and underlines when I hover over it. The “Queue” that behaves like a GUI choice button. Clicking on this “Queue” does not allow me to edit the queue but sends me somewhere else so I can click on it again and finally am able to edit the queue.

It did not occur to me to click on the title which coincidentally also uses the word “Queue” in the top left hand corner. I don’t think I ever thought of doing that probably because I was assuming that titles behave like titles. That is, they do nothing when you click on them.

But anyway, thanks for the workaround.

Hello @Tony_Casey, I’m glad we got you where you needed to go! Also, you should be able to access the queue’s track list by clicking anywhere on the left side of the screen. I was using the word “Queue” at the top left as a good reference point for both of us to make sure we’re clicking the same spot.

Let me know if you have any further questions, we’re happy to help!

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