Distorted sound (Devialet and ROCK)

Remember if you have the latest CI software from Devialet , the AIR implementation software was updated and Roon software was subsequently updated to match Devialet. That was some time ago. In the Roon audio settings you should have two options for audio for your Devialet (with the same IP address) make sure you only “enable” the one with that shows the Roon logo and disable the other one otherwise you will have a conflict.

I would swap ethernet cables just to - from your posts above I am assuming that your various hardware pieces are in order.

The only thing is for you to re-load the latest Dev (as per my previous post) as in download the CI files again (a fresh cut and paste of files unzipped) and undertake fresh re-boot (you may have missed a file when downloaded previously) of the Devialet and then re-insert the SD card for your Config file. If its done correctly then Roon will show under “Audio” settings two outputs for the Devialet with the same IP address.

If you are still having problems then I suspect it will be your switch box or router which cannot competently deal with your network traffic between the various pieces of hardware.

I have had absolute no issue since the software upgrades with hi res files which are on my Synology NAS server.

Good luck!

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Thanks for you input , but as I have written in other post I have done everything you suggest several times. I’m using the Devialet 3.04 software now (the same cable) and it’s working fine. I’m waiting for a feedback from Roon. Devailet%20Air%20Roon

@ToreB it looks like the RoonReady firmware is now available. Hopefully it will put you back in business streaming ethernet to your Devialets.

I hope so, just about to try it.

Closing this since I what to use RAAT.

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Are we supposed to enable or disable Multicasing (IMGP Proxy) on our routers? Roon kb says enable and I’ve been asked to do it by support, but now I see support is asking people to disable it?

@support can you please clarify on or off?

Dylan CaudillRoon Labs: Support

Jun '18

Thanks for the detailed report, @Roman_Pacheco1!

May I kindly ask that you please verify the following for me:

  • Since noticing this behavior, have you tried rebooting your Core machine, remote device, and networking hardware?
  • In your Orbi router settings, you should see a checkbox for Disable IGMP Proxying . Can you confirm what the current status of this checkbox is? If it is checked, does unchecking it change the behavior you’re seeing at all?

quote=“ToreB, post:51, topic:61890”]

Hi @ToreB,

Have you made sure to enable Multicast Routing on the ASUS router as per our Networking Best Practices ?

– Noris

IGMP proxying allow multicast to flow between hosts in separate network segments, for instance between your local area network and the internet. It is almost certainly not what you want unless you have a multi-segment home network, which I don’t know Roon supports anyway.

Not to be confused with IGMP snooping, which optimizes local multicast traffic in local networks with lots of hosts but seems to cause problems with some Roon installations, so turn it off too if that option exists on your router or managed switches.

Seems to bee different recommendation for different brands of routers?
I will try turning it off then.


You do need multicast on your home network, just not snooping or proxying to the outside. Unfortunately, different routers and network switches have different default settings, so I can’t help with your particular configuration.

It’s IGMP proxy…


Is it proxying outside your local network segment, or between different local segment IP addresses? Maybe try with that off first, and if Roon is not working correctly, try with it with on.

I have been using it on for two weeks after recommendation from support, still not working OK. So I will try if off for a while, what a mess this turned out to bee.

Not working OK in what way?

Hi @ToreB,

Just to clarify here — Yes, you will want multicast enabled. In the example you shared above, which is specific to Orbi devices, there is a setting called Disable IGMP Proxying that, when enabled, disables IGMP proxying. So unchecking this option for these routers will enable that feature. We have found that this helps for this specific router.

Generally speaking, regardless of the router you’re using, you’ll want multicast enabled.

Are you still experiencing the issues mentioned above even when in using RoonReady firmware?

I now “only” have droupouts, no distorted sound anymore. I sent in the form for Devialet and RAAT yesterday.

Thanks for filling out the form, @ToreB!

We will be sure to update everyone as soon as we have more information regarding the investigation.

I am a bit late the this thread.
I am also have the exact same problem as @ToreB described, since v1.6, all wired connection 1000 based
The dropout was so bad few nights ago, sounds like constant scratching on a vinyl record, I end up restarted the ROCK (NUCi7BNH) and that “seemed” to resolved the issue.
After that, when playing especially 24-196 music, you can hear that light “scratch” sound, once in awhile, more like listening to vinyl. (I guess people in the analog camp will appreciate this “feature”)
Unfortunately, I have a Expert 200, not 220 which can be upgraded to use RAAT. I really don’t want to shell out $4500 just to use RAAT.
I really don’t have any of these issue until v1.6
I used to set my buffer size for AIR as default, now even with 5000ms won’t help

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Hello All,

I just wanted to keep this thread up to date and let you know that there is still some work being done on this issue. Please see John’s post here for the most recent update:

As soon as we have any other news to share regarding this issue, we will be sure to let you know. I appreciate everyone’s patience here.