Distortion using Oppo UDP 205 as endpoint and no DSP function applied

Roon Core Machine

Operating system is Win 10 professional
Generic assembled PC Intel I7 4790K 4 GHZ

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast router 5g
using WiFi on Oppo UDP 205 endpoint
ethernet on Roon Core
Wifi on Roon server /laptop
Vpn is off on both and I have turned off firewalls on each as to troubleshoot with no effect

Connected Audio Devices

see above

Number of Tracks in Library

7,441 tracks

Description of Issue

Distortion when playing most tracks with no DSP functions applied
Roon on laptop loses connection with Roon Core often

Welcome to the Roon community forum, @Kurtis_NOLD.

These points contradict each other. Roon core and Roon server are the same*, so how is your core connected to the network. Likewise, how is the Opp connected to the core?

*If you have installed the Roon server and Roon apps on your laptop, please confirm.

Ok update: router is comcast XB7-T
The Core is connected to the network via ethernet cable
The Oppo endpoint is connected using Wifi

I uninstalled the Roon app on the laptop and reinstalled.

Exactly what sort of “distortion” are you experiencing? I also use a UDP 205 as endpoint. I’ve compared files played on it via Roon and playing the original CD on it, and have heard very little, if any, difference. The other stuff in your system should be irrelevant, as long as you’re not applying DSP.

The distortion is usually higher frequency. This I’d difficult to describe. This problem does not occur when when using tidal using nvidia shield pro via HDMI input into Oppo.

I will try connecting an ethernet cable between Oppo UDP 205 and my network.

The problem does not occur 100% of the time.

Perhaps the wifi connection to laptop is intermittent. Speed test shows 300mb/s so should not be the problem, but there could be drop outs in the wifi, not sure how to test that.

The music to the end point does not cutout so if the wifi is intermittent it would reveal itself?

I am wondering in Roon is processing the music in a way that is generating distortion?

Roon Arc works great, no distortion, ever on my Android device

HI @Kurtis_NOLD ,

When the distortion happens, what does the Roon Signal Path look like? Can you share a screenshot?

Yes, do try the Ethernet option as well and see if the distortion is present there.