DJ Mix compilations scrobbling issues

I resubscribed after 4 years of Roon hiatus and to my surprise the following bug (or feature?) is still present.
I reported this already in 2015:

I am refering to the scrobbling issue that for DJ mix compilations for each track the DJ name is scrobbled. Which is factually wrong. Here is a DJ mix by Genlog and how it shows up on

This is the mix in Roon:

Roon should scrobble the Performed by artist and not the DJ (album artists). At least give me the option to set this.

I really love Roon and all but this issue drives me nuts.

Hi @freelancr,

Where is this DJ mix located? Is this a TIDAL/Qobuz compilation or a local library one?

This mix and all others that have this issue are in my local library. They are not from Tidal.

Hi @freelancr,

Can you please upload the mix to Dropbox / Google Drive and private message me a link? I’d like to see if I can reproduce this behavior on my end.

@noris Did you receive my pm?

Hi @freelancr,

Thanks for pinging me again regarding this, apologies I missed your private message the first time around. I have located it and have requested that the technical team take a look at this behavior and see what is possible here.

One suggestion in the meantime - if you switch your album artist with the primary artist of the mix, does that trigger any change in behavior? You can edit the metadata of the album by right-clicking it and pressing the 3-dot drop-down menu -> Edit.

Thanks for the suggestion. I figured out that if I set the Album Artist to “Various Artists” Roon scrobbles correctly. As a workaround it works fine but it would be great to have a global switch. As I, and maybe other users, have a lot of such mix compilations.

Ok I see the problem with implementing a global option. When I focus Albums on “Compilations” Roon shows DJ mix compilations like the one mentioned in my initial post alongside single artist compilations like “Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits”.
So this means another album type is missing e.g. “DJ mix compilations”.

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