DLNA/UPnP client alongside ROON

This functionality has been requested before, but not answered AFAIK. Today we can choose to install Shairplay along with Roon Bridge, switching from one to the other as needed. Is it possible to also add a DLNA/UPnP client?

I’ve requested this as well. It is possible, but difficult on our end. Would love to see this added.

There was a UPNP enabled Beaglebone project on Computer Audiophile to which you then simply added RoonBridge but they didn’t interact or work together. It was one or the other. So is that something you are after or are you looking for a device that will allow Roon to talk to DLNA/UPnP devices?

I would be happy with a pre-compiled and easy-to-install UPnP client for my DietPi endpoints that could just peacefully co-exist the way that Shairport-sync does: one networking protocol simply releases the device to the other if need be.

I hardly ever use AirPlay-only receivers anymore within Roon because I much prefer RAAT, so I don’t know what I would do with UPnP inside ROON either. Any advantages?

I want UPnP functionality for other players: until we get MQA decoding, I rely on Audirvana Plus which can’t otherwise make use of my RPi endpoints. A+ sounds great as well.

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I did this Beaglebone project and it worked beautifully, one at a time. Wanted to go with wifi though so switched to a Pi.

CA also has a Pi project using Volumio to which Roon can be added. I also have this running. But I prefer DietPi as my OS of choice, so would love to have it as a DLNA client in addition to Roon.

Check out this solution in the Which OS? discussion within Audio Products/DietPi:

Posted by Tech_Whisky_Lab (Fernando Fuentes) on Mar 29

"DietPi seems to be the favorite around here.
I need a standalone player just in case Roon goes down, So I installed moodaudio: http://moodeaudio.org/28

I than installed Roon Bridge on it."

Instead of DietPi, one could use Moode Audio’s linux OS on a RPi (which audio player software includes UPnP) and then add Roon Bridge to have it both ways. Instructions for this addition are also detailed in the thread.

I have been using Roon for a while now and absolutely LOVE what it adds to the musical experience. Unfortunately I have now moved to a DAC that requires a DLNA setup - and as far as I can see there is no way to do this with ROON unless I introduce new hardware between the NAS and the renderer/player. WHich is not an option. Given that my renderer/player is a DAC whose software I cannot ‘touch’ - is the ANYTHING I can do at the NAS end that will let me run ROON to the DAC using DLNA? Thank you!

What make is the DAC/renderer? You could petition them to offer Roon as an option?

My DAC will take any renderer that can input coax, usb, or toslink. Is yours also a renderer?

To answer the question, one can also install RoonBridge alongside Volumio on a RPi3.

The DAC has non ethernet inputs - spdif etc, so there are workarounds on that front. But this DAC is optimised for ethernet/NAS as the source. It is both the DAC and the renderer in one. And there is no prospect of the DAC being upgraded to be a Roon endpoint. Fritzg - sorry but if I do what you say - putting Roonbridge alondside Volumio on a RPi3 - what’s the connection between the RPi3 and the Dac - is it USB or ethernet? Thank you!

A device can only claim to be optimised for the inputs it has. You seem to be saying it does not have Ethernet or SPDIF in?

Sorry - that was a bad typo. And I really appreciate you responding on this @Henry_McLeod and @fritzg ! The DAC is an Ayon. It has multiple inputs, including ethernet and wireless (Not that I have got the wireless working properly - the signal drops every few seconds). (And notably no USB). And Ayon states that the best SQ will be obtained by using the ethernet input. Currently I have things working using BubbleUPnP - but I’d really like to use Roon if there is a DLAN solution/workaround that still sees me using the ethernet IN on the Ayon!

Ayon makes at least one network player/DAC that’s Roon Ready, so maybe you should encourage them to extend that capability to your model.

OK, the S5 and the two S3 models all have i2S inputs. This will be the equal of any high quality input be that Ethernet direct or USB. But as these players top out at 192k even the SPDIF inputs should be good. I think that while it is natural Ayon would encourage you to use Ethernet, it would be hard to make other inputs particularly i2S bad. However I suspect it will have less functionality with respect to the display and control. Roon could potentially compensate for that but it would not have been around for much of these machines lives.


DLNA audio render (client/endpoint) is available in DietPi v157 update, ETA next week release.

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Is it available for NanoPi Neo 2?

Here’s just one more example of why Dan_Knight enjoys well-deserved Rock Star Status with so many audio enthusiasts. Thank You!


Yep, we compiled and offer binaries for all CPU/ARM archs.

Thanks. Will this be in the OS itself or as an app install?


Once the update is released (v157):

If you are using the Allo web GUI image, installed by default during update:

For all standard DietPi images, available for install in dietpi-software