DMP-1 Digital Out Questions

Hello @support

I’m looking at buying a DMP-1 to use as an “Endpoint”. However, after reading the manual I have two questions I was hoping you could add clarity to:

The first question is about the below quote from the manual. I am looking at connecting the end point to my DAC via AES, as NAD recommends for the M51, but after reading I am concerned that Elac doesn’t recommend. Is the USB out of the DMP-1 superior to the AES hardware installed in the unit or is that just how the manual was written.

"I2S will provide the best fidelity if you are connecting the DMP-1 to an Audio Alchemy DDP-1 digital preamp or another other DAC or digital preamp equipped with I2S. If I2S is not available, use USB. If USB is not available, use AES/EBU if possible, then coaxial if not.”

The second questions is in regards to the below statement. If I connect the DMP-1 to my DAC via AES with Roon not recognize it as an “Endpoint”?

"The I2S and USB outputs of the DMP-1 will show up as separate end- points.”

Scott, the NAD M51 is limited to a max 24 bit 192 kHz on all inputs, including USB. Some DACs support longer word lengths and/or higher sample rates via USB, but the M51 from 2012 is a bit too old for that.

So, which digital link you use really does not matter. And any differential quality pronouncements without evidence are just playing to conventional audiophile “wisdom.”

That said, if you want the M51 to appear in the Roon signal path, you will have to use USB. Otherwise, with AES/EBU or S/PDIF, Roon will display the Audio Alchemy DMP-1 as the last hop in its signal path.



WOW! Now that is a quick response. I’m a new Roon lifetime member and I must say, I am impressed.

Thanks for the response and I am clear on those questions. Regardless of the connection I use to the M51, if I were to add the DMP-1 to the signal chain would it fall into Roon’s recommendation for getting the best sound (i.e. remote - core - output on separate devises)? For clarification I currently use a MacBook as a remote and a Mac Mini as the Core and Output today and get all purple lights in the signal path and Exclusive Mode on my DAC today.



Hello @Scott_Thaxton,

You are correct, adding the DMP-1 to your playback system would constitute separating your remote, core, and output devices.



Good news!

Would I need to install a different version of Roon (server) on the Mac Mini once the DMP-1 is in the signal path or does the “Core, control, output” version I have installed now know it should separate the Core and Output functions?

My goal is to follow Roon’s recommendation to separate all three functions.


Hello @Scott_Thaxton,

Roon Server would be the optimal version for that setup, so it sounds like you’re good to go!


I have been using a DMP-1 via the AES/EBU output and this works perfectly. But now would like to also use the USB output to connect to a USB headphone DAC. You mention the USB connection should show up as a separate endpoint; however, I still see only the I2S endpoint. How do I get my system to see both?

Hello @Paul_Arango,

Could you send me a screenshot of your Audio Alchemy DMP-1 configuration page? You should be able to access it by opening the following url on your home network: