Do daily mixes disappear?

I was listening to a Roon Daily Mix yesterday which was brilliant. Just tried to return to it but it seems to have disappeared. There are older Daily Mixes showing so I don’t understand what is happening. Is there a way of retrieving these mixes ( by date as I can’t remember what it was called ). Thanks

They are daily mixes and they will refresh daily. Super hard to write that and not sound snarky, Hopefully my telling you I’m not trying to be . . .
If you wish to listen to the playlist more than that day I recommend you should export the playlist.
Once you drill into the playlist it has a save button to the right of the play now button. That will let you export it and make it a playlist.
I know of no way to retrieve a playlist from the past otherwise.

Yes, the clue is in the name I know. But the weird thing is this mix appeared yesterday, and I could still access it this morning. This afternoon it had gone. But why do I have Daily Mixes, that I have not saved, tagged or liked that are much older, still in the list ?

I have no clue how they come about or how frequently they refresh. I have noticed closing Roon and relaunching it in the a.m. generally causes the playlists to refresh.

Just my observations while waiting for coffee to kick in.

There is a save button…

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Well, yes, but it’s too late for that !

You could go into your Queue and scroll up to see previously played tracks, then select them and then Add to Playlist. You may see Expand, which will include unplayed tracks (if you didn’t listen to the entire daily mix).

It’ll be back… keep an eye out.

Yes, thanks. That’s what I’m doing ( via Artists) and looking at discographies . . .
At least I know what to do in future and have discovered some great new music -Peder af Ugglas to name but one :sunglasses:

Hi @Stephen_Judge They do appear randomly, but still seem to have some loose connection to your listening habits and some will come up again quickly and others may take awhile. Can’t pin it down any more than that… Sorry
What I have noted however is that if you save a Daily Mix and then it reappears and save it again it will tell you that the playlist already exists and asks do you want to add this mix.
I have a few that I have added to numerous times (see attached - the Avishai Cohen is probably cumulative of about 8 additions) and after each add I open the playlist, scroll to the far right for the settings wheel and select “only show duplicates” delete one copy of each duplicate if there are any, hit the reset button and you are back to the playlist.
It does seem to learn and I have had many now where there are no duplicates created at all.
I’ve found it a great way to curate similar artists to your favourites.
Doesn’t take more than a few minutes every day to review the Daily Mixes, decide what you want, add, edit and store for later listening pleasure.
Hope this helps

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G’day @Fergus_B. Great suggestion! Do you know if Qobuz playlists will work the same way?

Edit: looks like the answer is no. If I save the same Qobuz playlist again it just creates a duplicate playlist.

Hey @kitated I think that this answer from a few months ago may help you. The Sarah’s Picks was a Roon Playlist but i believe you will get the same result from a Qobuz playlist. I assume you are trying to pick up the subtle changes in playlists that occur over time? I think the trick with Qobuz may be to not just like the playlist, but to actually save it as a local list and rename them so you know/can see the difference in tracks. Then do the merge and then complete the Duplicate removal step. Just then keep the merged playlist and delete the other playlist until you want to check again a week or month later etc. Hope this helps.

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