Do I have a database corruption here?


Two artist entries for same artist, differing album counts. Entering either goes to the same artist and shows same two albums?



I have seen something similar before but I think restricted to Tidal v. Local. I used Merge Artist to fix them.

This is local library only

Hi @evand,

This appears to be similar to an issue that we currently have a ticket open for with our development team to investigate. I can’t provide any specific timeframes at this time, but it is something we are looking into.

If you merge these artists does that resolve the issue, or do you see 2 artists again?

I don’t have a Tidal account and I also get this all the time. Mostly with Classical but also more occasionally with Pop/Rock. I have seen up to 5 duplicates but eventually I merge them so now I cannot remember which ones. My impression, with my library anyway is this is extremely common.

In this example the first one by default has no bio and no pic. On the other hand the second one by default has both a pic and a bio. The problem I find is that if you add a picture where there isn’t one you have no means of distinguishing between the duplicate artists if you add primary artists manually. I do this all the time as on the album screen I want to see “soloist / ensemble / conductor” (in that order). If I don’t add pictures to artists then often when I am in the primary artist “picker”, i just pick the one with a picture and 9 times out of 10 that has a bio as well. But what to do in this situation? Which one shall I pick?

As it happens. It is the second one. But I only figured that out by getting it wrong a dozen times. Eventually I figured out that merging the artists made the duplicates go away.

As I say, this is extremely common. A slightly more famous example:

@ dylan… Interesting behaviour here (and good thing I have a Roon client running on Wine otherwise I couldn’t do this):

So there’s a bug somewhere in Roon’s display logic … when I want to merge them it shows them as the same… and merging has no impact

Thanks for confirming that, @evand.

Yes, this appears to be the same behavior that we currently have a ticket open for. I can’t guarantee any specific timelines here, but it is something we are currently investigating. I’ll be sure to update you here once any new information becomes available.

We appreciate the report!

Hi @evand,

We’ve made a change here in Roon 1.6 (Build 416) that we believe should address this behavior. Please update Roon and let us know if you’re still seeing any issues. You can read the full release notes here: