Do I need to install roon bridge

Hi, brand newbie here - I’m about to start a trial of a Neucleus + in the next couple of days. I’m currently running a raspberry pi streamer DAC under Volumio (Allo Boss DAC) streaming on Ethernet from my nas. Do I need to install Roon Bridge as well or is Volumio sufficient?

Yes you need to install roonbridge

Thanks, Tony.

Hi John,

This post may help. It is adapted to the USBridge but will be similar for a Boss.

Thanks Andrew. I’ve never done anything that technical so I think I will go with a RoPieee install - it looks to be within my capabilities. :slight_smile:

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If you’re still curious, there’s simpler instructions in this post for an RPi - just 5 lines to copy/paste - RoonBridge on Volumio Raspberry Pi Image? .

Edit: Actually, sorry, I didn’t read @andybob’s link carefully enough…it’s basically the same with more explanation.

Ropieee just works. I’ve had it running on a DigiOne for about 8 months entirely trouble free.

The Ropiee Beginners Guide is an excellent resource.

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