Do I really need a streamer with Roon?

I’ve been looking to get a Naim Uniti of some sort, but it has suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I don’t need to get a streamer if I’m using Roon. For less money I could buy a Naim amp + power amp for the same sound quality. Am I missing some advantage in getting a streamer?

A streamer is not necessary for Roon; it is just one of a number of ways to connect. ( “streamer” meaning any device that receives input by wi-fi or Ethernet).

Endpoints that connect by wi-fi or Ethernet appear in Roon as network zones. An audio stream can be sent to a network zone from the Core or any Remote. Currently the only network zones implemented in Roon are for AirPlay or Meridian. When RoonSpeakers is released we will see many more.

Endpoints can also connect to the Core or a Remote private zone using coaxial spdif, toslink or USB.

…and the Nain Uniti will not work with Roon yet.

Yes, I may have “hidden the lead” there sorry :smile:

The Wi-Fi or Ethernet won’t work with Roon yet. The spdif inputs should currently work but I don’t think the USB will (at least yet).

You’ll need a DAC as well as amps to get sound (some amps these days have DAC’s built in).

Thanks for the replies, which have made things clearer. I need to replace my DAC anyway and I suppose the attraction of the Uniti range is that they combine a streamer with a excellent DAC and amp. I’m just not sure whether using the spdif input will give as good sound quality as an asynchronous USB connection.

@danny You maybe can’t say, but is integration with Naim streamers likely in the future?