Do-it-all Preamp Suggestions


I’m looking to upgrade my preamp. I’d like something that’s Roon Ready so I can have a dedicated streaming device that can act as a core with good onboard DAC. I really like MQA and it would be great if the DAC supported full “unfolding.”

I’d like a low pass filter and a RCA output to a subwoofer.

I need a good phono input or at least an analog RCA input I can connect my current phone stage to.

I’ll need an optical input from my TV and I’m using a DVD player as a CD transport, so a digital coax input is needed.

Any ideas?

Rose Audio 150?

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What’s your budget? Agree with @Rugby with the HiFi Rose 150 is compelling but towards the mid- to more expensive range, while something such as the Bluesound Node provides most everything except a dedicated phono stage but has an analog input for an outboard phono stage, however the analog input is shared with the single optical input. Sonos also makes a similar streamer except it also is missing the optical input and analog input. These are just two of many options.

NAD 658 , all your requirements plus Dirac


What @OffRode said.

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

Thanks, everyone. I like the NAD C 658 suggestion but reading around some about it I found many having trouble with the subwoofer feature. Specifically, very low power output and compatibility problems with some brands of subwoofer. Apparently, NAD has been encouraging customers to plug in subwoofer to the pre-out connection as a workaround. This, unfortunately, renders the room correction feature useless. Anyone know of this issue and if anything’s been done to fix it?

John, I remember seeing this issue on the m33 early on. I got the m33 earlier this year and it’s fine, I run a 2.1 B&W setup and sub level is great. Having the adjustable crossover and full Dirac is a real bonus. Of course I can’t recommend strongly enough to make sure your dealer offers a 30 to 60 day full refund if you’re not going to be 100% happy. I would think that they would have it dialed in by now.

Have a good time deciding :+1:t2:


Why wouldn’t the sub work on pre put? If you plugged a power amp in it would work through that into normal speakers? I have the 658 and active speakers plugged into xlr, BK sub into stereo out and use DIRAC.

It would certainly work but the point is that Dirac will steer the bass below your crossover to the subwoofer output of the 658. Do you run your speakers full range?
I crossover my B&W 805D at 60hz and let the 610 sub handle the low end.

Edit: so you’re not using the crossover function nor the subwoofer output rca on your 658. If so then we’re going about it quite differently but if it’s good :+1:t2:

Roger, the Lyngdorf looks good but it’s a integrated amplifier, OP is looking for a pre-amp unit.

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Yes I run my main speakers full range and cross the sub over just above the speakers roll off. DIRAC then levels it all out.
On my main system I have two BK subs wired to the speaker connections in mono and set up the same. DIRAC works that way too.

Yes we’re going about it in different ways, I take advantage of the functionality of the m33 and run the subwoofer wide open as far as crossover and set level control at 12 o’clock and let the NAD and Dirac do it’s thing. It’s quite the epiphany after using a straight integrated 2 channel amplifier previously.

Yes DIRAC is something that I wouldn’t do without now. It has made very positive effects to both my systems.

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What speakers are you running, you don’t think talking the low frequencies load off them is possibly helpful? I used to run the 805’s and my kef LS50 full range and I found talking the low frequency away from them is really a good idea.

Had my old fashioned skepticism about Dirac, my jaw about hitting the floor after getting it down and sorted out.

You’re right. Sorry!

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I’m running active quadral aurum and passive tannoy Eaton in different systems. I have always run my main speakers full range and filled in the lowest range with an adjustable sub, currently BK and previously REL. it’s always worked for me. I guess I prefer to not use DSP even though that may sound a bit hypocritical after loving DIRAC.

I have both the M33 and a C658 (now in a box but soon to be put back to work). I second the comments about Dirac Live – it makes a huge improvement and is easy to modify to tune the sound to your liking. With 5 slots for Dirac settings on the system, changing from one setting to another is a click away.

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Well @BCBC , fill @John_Bruels in does your C658 subwoofer output have plenty enough power? That issue got resolved right?

@garye , yeah your tannoys have a larger driver than my 5.5 and 6.5 mains. If I had an 8in or 10 in I would think to try full range :+1:t2:

Inputs: 1x XLR, 1x line RCA per loudspeaker

Internal amplifier modules: 2x 200W, Class D

Frequency response: 38Hz – 65kHz

Treble response adjustment: ±3dB

Bass response adjustment: ±6dB

Equaliser frequency range: 30-200Hz

38 hz pretty impressive for a small diameter cone.