Do power cables make a difference to sound quality?




When power travels through miles of cable to get to your power outlet, I think it’s counterintuitive (or naive) to believe that the last 3-4 feet of cable would have any significant impact on the sound.


Only if you believe they will. My opinion is, save your money for other more tangible goodies.


I think power management is important. Good quality (not excessively priced) power cables can make a difference. My system uses PS Audio Regenerators, and decent power cables, many of which I have assembled myself. Clean power does make a difference. I have pretty clean incoming line power, and it still has almost 2 percent noise as measured by the regenerators. A dedicated line helps as well.


Can anyone hear the difference on the youtube? On the original there were a lot of comments. Some could, most couldn’t (I can’t). I just wonder what the pattern is? It’s only a youtube I know. But still . . .

I got bored eventually, no meaningful difference if there is any difference at all, which I doubt. So much relies on your memory, and first listen you didn’t make a mental note of everything in the mix so you may consider this illusion an improvement, but it’s not IMHO. Once familiar with the mix, no difference.

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I don’t think this is a matter of belief or intuition. What counts is evidence. I was convinced that power cables can make a difference by a demonstration of Audioquest cables and conditioners in a Linn system at a hifi store. There was a clear improvement in sound quality when these were substituted for standard mains cables.

However, the cost of the cables and conditioners was as much as that of the original system (around £30,000). Maybe, the same outlay on an even more expensive system would produce better results.

Therefore, I am sceptical about whether the improvement I heard would translate into cost effective solutions for hifi systems generally. Given the different views expressed here, I suspect that depends on the equipment used and local conditions and needs to be considered on a case by case basis.

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The other thing to bear in mind is that US and European power is very different. There’s no need for power conditioners in Europe, but I can see the case for them at a remote location in the US.

As I recall, you have the same Meridian powered speakers as me. Do yourself a favor and demo a Shunyata Denali power conditioner for those before you conclude “no difference”. For me, this has been the most significant SQ improvement since incorporating room correction convolution filters from HAF.

My comment was, no difference when listening to that video on my iPad.
So far, I have the best sound I have ever enjoyed at home. My reference of live music means, that for me, I am not hankering for any improvement. Finally I am at a place where I just enjoy the music for what it is… and … relax…


aahh… we slide into a comfortable place of self-congratulation even though the subject of this thread is “do power cables make a difference?”. Well, they can under certain conditions, including yours.

Yes, enjoy the “best sound ever” without worrying about the time, effort or expense to take it any higher. -That’s for the hobbyists who haunt these forums looking for ideas and innovations.

Sorry, all I did was listen to the video and reply to the post in context to what was presented.
If people wish to chase power improvements that’s up to them and ok by me.
I am not going that route personally.

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As much as I appreciate the quality of my active Meridian DSP5200SEs, I’m grateful that my dealer here in the U.S. suggested that the stock power cords were constricting the dynamic possibilities of these wonderful speakers.

I was just trying to help you in the same way that he did for me.

As above, we have nice power in the wall over here, so there’s no as much to be gained IMO.



I appreciate the intension to help very much. I think UK and US power are very different though.

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Shunyata claim that, in addition to filtering noise from the the mains or other devices on the circuit, their conditioners store power for instant delivery to your components beyond what is otherwise available from the UK grid.

I don’t know about that; but I find the effect on effortless, open and very dynamic music reproduction to be remarkable.

Just try it, and then report back on whether European power benefits, or not, from this new technology.

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I was thinking the exact opposite! :slight_smile:

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Some do and some don’t. You just have to A/B 'till you find ones that get you closer to what you want to hear.